Specialty Financing

Journey of Challenges as Seen through Five Operating Segments

Leveraging Our Expertise to Provide Very Unique Services

We provide highly specialized financial services for aircraft, shipping, real estate, principal investment, structured finance, and other areas. Our business development is based on our high level of expertise and unique business models in each field.


Pursued More Advanced and Unique Services

In the leasing and finance businesses in the aircraft, shipping, and real estate sectors, we sought to provide more value-added services to our customers, and from this period, we began to offer proposals that reached further upstream. In addition, we invested in the airline company Jetstar Japan Co., Ltd. and made the airline parts and service provider GA Telesis, LLC a Group company.



Acquired Shares of Jetstar Japan Co., Ltd.

We acquired shares of Jetstar Japan Co., Ltd., a low-cost carrier of the Australian Qantas Group, as our first step toward meeting financial and asset management outsourcing needs in the aircraft sector by leveraging financing expertise, including aircraft leasing.

2013–2015Business Development

Accumulated Know-How and Refined Expertise

We steadily expanded our business base and increased earnings in every sector. Converting GA Telesis, LLC into a Group company enabled us to establish a one-stop service for aircraft, from leasing and sales to dismantling used aircraft, engines, and parts. Also, we successfully refined our expertise in each field.



Established an aircraft leasing joint venture with U.S.- based CIT Group Inc.

2016–2018Leap Forward

Committed to Improving Service Quality and Actively Collaborating with Partners

We tackled the challenge of creating new value by integrating finance and business and focused on both revenue growth and improving quality as a service. In addition, while working with leading partners in different fields to generate new businesses, we built up our collaborative framework and know-how by focusing on finding new partners.



Converted Nittochi Asset Management Co., Ltd. into an Equity-Method Affiliate

Nittochi Asset Management Co., Ltd. (currently Chuo-Nittochi Asset Management Co., Ltd.), which engages in the formation and management of real estate funds, became an equity-method affiliate. We strived to achieve further growth by combining our diverse real estate holdings with Nittochi Asset Management’s substantial real estate asset management capabilities.



Entered into the Development of ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa

We launched our first hotel development project, the ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa in the Myoban district of Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. The purpose of this project was to introduce InterContinental, one of the world’s leading hotel brands, to the region and contribute to the revitalization of Beppu City. The hotel opened in 2019.


Converted Aviation Capital Group LLC, a U.S.-Based Major Commercial Aircraft Lessor, into an Equity-Method Affiliate

Aviation Capital Group LLC, a leading U.S. aircraft leasing company that leases mainly narrow-body, single-aisle aircraft to more than 90 airlines in over 45 countries around the world, became our equity-method affiliate. This enabled us to provide a wider range of aircraft-related services in the aviation business, which is expected to experience long-term growth.



Acquired 70% Stake in Shinko Real Estate Co., Ltd. To Convert it into a Consolidated Subsidiary

We acquired 70% of the shares of Shinko Real Estate Co., Ltd. (currently TC Kobelco Real Estate Co., Ltd.), a real estate subsidiary of Kobe Steel, Ltd., and consolidated it into the Tokyo Century Group. The functions and platform of Shinko Real Estate as a comprehensive real estate company provided the foundation for further increasing business opportunities and diversifying exit strategies in the real estate sector.


Established Gateway Engine Leasing LLC, a joint venture between GA Telesis, LLC and All Nippon Airways Trading Co., Ltd.


Continued to Take on New Challenge Despite Facing a Headwind

We continued to focus on strengthening our collaborative framework and developing new business areas despite the global COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, we converted Aviation Capital Group, a leading U.S. aircraft leasing company, into a wholly owned subsidiary, to further enhance aircraft life cycle management. We also launched sustainable initiatives such as introducing fuel-efficient, next-generation aircraft toward realizing a decarbonized society, and started to take on new challenges such as hotel management.



Converted Aviation Capital Group LLC into a Wholly Owned Subsidiary

We acquired equity interest in Aviation Capital Group LLC to make it a wholly owned subsidiary, with the intention of strengthening the aircraft operating lease business and boosting Tokyo Century’s presence in the aircraft market.



Decided to Jointly Acquire a Super Luxury Hotel and a Large Hall in the TOKYO TORCH Development Project with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.

TOKYO TORCH, a new district in Tokiwabashi, Tokyo is being developed by Tokyo Century in cooperation with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. Through a newly established special purpose company, we decided to jointly acquire a super luxury hotel and a 2,000-seat large hall in Torch Tower, which will be the tallest building in Japan. The hotel is scheduled to open in fiscal 2028.


Jointly Acquired Shares of Q’sai Co., Ltd. in Collaboration with Advantage Partners Inc. and Euglena Co., Ltd.

Together with the investment company Advantage Partners Inc. and Euglena Co., Ltd., which is engaged in sales and research and development of products utilizing green beetles, we jointly acquired shares of Q’sai Co., Ltd., a food processing company known for its green juice. The three companies leveraged their respective strengths to further enhance Qsai’s corporate value.

Participated in the next-generation smart city project Tokyo Cross Park Vision.



Opened Hotel Indigo Karuizawa, the First Hotel Managed by Tokyo Century

We opened Hotel Indigo Karuizawa in collaboration with InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, which develops hotel brands worldwide. This promising initiative took shape as Tokyo Century’s first hotel management project.

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  • Specialty Financing

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