Materiality for the Tokyo Century Group

Tokyo Century will contribute to society through its business activities and promote sustainability management to achieve sustainable growth for both society and the Company along with enhanced corporate value. To this end, we have identified materiality (key issues) that correspond to the SDGs and are working to address them.

Identification Process

  • To identify materiality, Tokyo Century created a map that represents the relative importance of issues for stakeholders (vertical axis) as well as the importance for the Company itself (horizontal axis) in relation to the SDGs. Priority issues for the Company include the development of diverse businesses, such as aviation and solar power generation, that take advantage of its highly flexible operating environment and business characteristics grounded in the value of its assets.
  • Using the materiality map, we identified non-financial information that is vital for society and our business. Through discussions by the Sustainability Committee and the Board of Directors, we selected five materiality items and determined the shared platform that supports them.

We are advancing initiatives focused on material issues and implementing a PDCA cycle to monitor their progress. We have also introduced protocols regarding materiality notifications in agendas for meetings of the Transaction Evaluation Meeting, Management Meeting, and the Board of Directors and created an award program. These measures are meant to raise employee awareness of our materiality initiatives.

Materiality Map

Importance for stakeholders, Importance for the Company, Materiality, Shared platform, Contribution to decarbonized society, Creation of new businesses driven by technical innovation, Enhancement of work environment, leading to strengthening of human resources, Sustainable resource use, Contribution to social infrastructure development

Materiality for the Tokyo Century Group

Shared Platform

Tokyo Century’s Contribution to the SDGs

Tokyo Century is contributing to the enrichment of daily life and the sustainable development of society toward achieving the SDGs adopted as a shared responsibility for the international community at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development.