Tokyo Century has been focusing on fostering a corporate culture that each and every employee understands the importance of diversity and enables diverse personnel to play an active role. For those purposes, we hold a variety of diversity trainings periodically for all officers, managers, and employees.

Tokyo Century’s Diversity Training

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Eligible Employees Contents
All officers, managers, and employees Fundamental knowledge for diversity
Understanding diversity
Diversity promotion x Management strategy
Tokyo Century’s basic policy for diversity
Diverse, flexible work styles
Satisfying in both work and nursing
Tokyo Century’s support system for nursing at home
Understanding LGBT
Female employees Understanding diversity
Career development of women
Understanding the importance of contemplating issues from a broader point of view
Planning action plan for problem solving
Employees in 1st – 9th year (Position-based training) Work style reform (high productive work style)
National staff Developing mutual understanding
Facilitating communication

Diversity Seminar

Tokyo Century holds diversity seminars periodically as per below examples.

The 1st Diversity Seminar

Contents Lecturer
Understanding diversity
Career development of women
Ms. Mariko Kono
Director, Diversity Promotion Center
Japan Productivity Center
Essentials for long-term career development
Mahoko Hara
Managing Executive Officer Tokyo Century Corporation
Experience through work, contribution to work and advice for junior associates
Four female senior associates of Tokyo Century Corporation
Group Discussion
Diversity basics
Visions for future career and individual life

Lecture by Ms. Mariko Kono, Director, Diversity Promotion Center, Japan Productivity Center

Lecture by Mahoko Hara, Managing Executive Officer

Lecture by four female senior associates

The 2nd Diversity Seminar

Contents Lecturer
Lecture and group discussion
Understanding importance of contemplating issues from a broader viewpoint
Understanding issues from a perspective of identifying the causes
Fostering problem-solving awareness
Ms. Miwako Isaka
Link and Motivation Inc.

Lecture by Ms. Miwako Isaka, Navigator, Link and Motivation Inc.

Group discussion

The 3rd Diversity Seminar

Contents Lecturer
Satisfying in Both your Work and Nursing
~Be prepared for your sudden involvement in nursing at home~
Ms. Mie Waki, Work and Care Balance laboratory Corporation
The nursing support system of the company for the employees
Personnel Division

Lecture by Ms. Mie Waki, from Work and Care Balance laboratory Corporation

Lecture from Personnel Division

National Staff Training

Tokyo Century continues to hire non-Japanese employees in Japan and national staff at local subsidiaries in order to develop human resources to be capable for representing a diversity of careers around the globe. Training for staff hired by overseas local subsidiaries is intended to deepen their understanding of the Group’s wide-ranging operations and promote communication between those employees.

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