Solicitation Policy for Financial Products

Legal Compliance

We will comply with social norms and with laws and regulations, including those governing the sale of financial products and the Consumer Contract Act, and appropriately conduct business operations that satisfy our customers.

Proper Solicitation

We will recommend appropriate financial products for customers based on their knowledge, experience, purpose of purchase (investment), financial condition, and other considerations. When explaining our products, we will endeavor to do so at a time and place and in a manner convenient for our customers.

Explanation of Important Matters

We will make every effort to provide explanations that enable our customers to fully understand important matters, such as the nature of the product and associated risks, so that they can exercise their own judgment regarding the transaction.

Protection of Privacy

We will properly and strictly manage information related to our customers.

Education and Training

Our employees will strive to acquire and improve their knowledge and skills so as not to fall short of the trust and expectations of our customers.

This is our solicitation policy based on Japan’s Act on the Provision of Financial Services.