Tokyo Century encourages our diverse workforce to proactively demonstrate their capabilities and personalities. To support their efforts, we established the Diversity Promotion Office within the Personnel Division on April 1, 2015 so as to nurture a corporate culture that encourages employees with diverse characteristics to thrive. Under our Basic Diversity Policy, we are implementing a variety of related measures to promote diversity.

Basic Diversity Policy

Tokyo Century Group will work alongside customers in pursuit of their growth as a highly specialized and unique financial services company and further expand its business domains and developing its global business. We will promote diversity to enable employees with diverse capabilities and personalities to demonstrate flexible mind and dynamic action to better serve the varied needs of our customers by consistently providing services with high added value.

1. Nurturing our Corporate Culture

Each employee will understand the importance of diversity and nurture a corporate culture that encourages personnel with diverse characteristics to thrive.

2. Promoting the Active Participation of Diverse Human Resources

We will promote the hiring, development, and appointment of human resources from diverse backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or nationality.

3. Supporting the Career and Ability Development

We will support the career and ability development of each employee to encourage each individual to fully demonstrate their ability and individuality.

4. Enhance Balancing Work and Private Life

We will enhance support for balancing work and private life so that each employee can work flexibly as appropriate to their life circumstances.

Diversity Pamphlet

With the increase in the number of men taking long-term childcare leave, the establishment of a work-from-home system, and the active participation of mid-career and foreign employees, Tokyo Century is transforming itself into a more diverse company than ever.
This pamphlet introduces our employees working actively in the company, which “brings about change ,” and systems that help to make working easier and raise employee job satisfaction.

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