Reason for Corporate Name Change

In October 2016, the corporate name was changed to “Tokyo Century Corporation” from “Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation”.

The decision to change corporate name to “Tokyo Century Corporation” without “leasing” reflects Tokyo Century’s resolve to develop a broad range of businesses as a highly specialized and unique financial services company, while promoting the further evolution and advance of its leasing and financing capabilities.

The “Tokyo Century” brand name has been used for many years by shareholders, customers and other stakeholders and alike represents a precious asset for Tokyo Century.

Tokyo Century will strive to raise its corporate value by pioneering new business fields and realizing sustainable growth.

Corporate Slogan

Solutions to your Pursuits Creating new values from Finance × Services × Business Expertise Tokyo Century

As Tokyo Century Corporation, we will transform globally from a comprehensive financial services enterprise into a highly specialized and unique finance and service company. We will pioneer new business fields that combine finance, services and business expertise, and work alongside customers in pursuit of their growth while pursuing unlimited possibilities and opportunities for Tokyo Century Group.

Corporate Logo

Tokyo Century

The smooth swoosh of our logo, rising towards the upper right, represents the future of Tokyo Century, a company which grows and develops alongside customers. The strong directionality of its shape also symbolizes the unity of all our officers, managers, and employees.

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