Tokyo Century Group contributes to the public good and donates money to nonprofit organizations and groups as part of its social contribution activities. The Group also actively strives to engage in communication with local communities, including conducting cleanup activities in the vicinity of Group offices and holding industry seminars at universities.

Main Non-Profits Donated To(FY2022)

Tokyo Century Corporation donated a total of ¥19,938,675 in fiscal 2022.

Social Contribution Activities through Our Shareholder Incentive System

Tokyo Century donates 5% of the value of shareholder incentives (Quo Cards: Prepaid Card) each year to the groups which are engaged in social contribution activities. In fiscal 2020, Tokyo Century has donated to the Japan Service Dog Association which is engaged in service dogs’ training and the Japan Rescue Association which is engaged in disaster search dog’s training and deployment.

Service dogs are dogs which have undergone special training to assist people with hand or leg disabilities in their daily life.

Search and rescue dogs are specially trained to search for missing people with their keen sense of smell in disaster areas which are affected by earthquake, typhoon, landslide and others. They are engaged in lifesaving activities in disaster areas affected by increasing occurrence of natural disasters.

Environmental Conservation Initiatives

A cleanup activity

Believing the Earth’s biodiversity to be irreplaceable, Tokyo Century Group engages in activities to raise awareness on and conserve it. Tokyo Century conducted a cleanup activity on the Enoshima Katase Coast. In total, some 100 employee volunteers and their family members participated. Tokyo Century Group also intends to continue to engage in environmental activities which contribute to local communities.

Initiative on Educational Academic Support

Tokyo Century continuously engages in educational and academic support activities which serve as an initiative to contribute to the creation of talented individuals who will lead the financial industry in the future.

In fiscal 2020, Tokyo Century employees participated in industry research seminars and career development classes at universities as guest lecturer for 8 lessons to provide knowledge on finance and leasing as well as the way of working.

Financial literacy lecture

Furthermore, PT. Tokyo Century Indonesia (TCI), Tokyo Century’s local subsidiary in Indonesia, constantly delivers financial literacy lectures (*1) at elementary schools, high schools and universities. In 2020, TCI initiated “Month of Financial Literation and Inclusion (*2)” along with CSR Program, providing an online lecture at an elementary school in West Java, Indonesia.

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