Contribute to development of a circular economy focused on the value of assets

The leasing business Tokyo Century has developed since its founding is built on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), meaning that the Company has been contributing to the realization of an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society since its inception. Leasing businesses necessarily involve assets, and focuses on the value of assets and on effectively utilizing these assets are thus of crucial importance to such businesses. By further honing the propensity for judging the value of the assets we have refined throughout our history, we look to broaden the scope of assets we handle to branch out from traditional financing and leasing to engage in life-cycle management operations related to automobiles and aircraft. At the same time, we will work together with our partners to combine our specialties and areas of expertise to address social issues. In this manner, Tokyo Century will seek to evolve business models in fields where it can contribute to the realization of an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society and in which it is possible to achieve economic growth while using resources efficiently.

Information and communications equipment is a major offering of our leasing business. In recent years, greater importance has been placed on the environment and on information management with regard to the disposal of end-of-lease IT equipment. This trend is anticipated to spur rapid growth in demand for IT asset disposition (ITAD) services such as data erasing and disposal for IT equipment, which can be used to ensure the safe and appropriate disposal of these IT assets. We anticipate that this demand will be seen centered on global companies seeking to provide services that are standardized on a worldwide basis. In this regard, U.S.-based IT leasing subsidiary CSI Leasing, Inc., is a major source of strength. The company is able to supply high-quality global-standard services through its IT equipment leasing and ITAD service operations in more than 50 countries across the globe. In fiscal 2022, CSI Leasing posted ordinary income approximately 4.7 times the level seen in fiscal 2015, when Tokyo Century commenced investment. Moreover, CSI Leasing acquired companies in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden in fiscal 2022 to establish local bases in these markets for propelling the development of its IT equipment life-cycle management service businesses.

In the aviation business, major U.S. aircraft leasing company ACG is engaged in self-driven forays into the operating lease business for new and other aircraft. Going forward, we will continue to pursue intra-Group synergies capitalizing on the strengths of the Group’s aircraft value chain, which includes such companies as aircraft parts and service business operator GA Telesis, LLC, and allows for strategic aircraft life-cycle management.

Tokyo Century’s automobility business contributes to sustainable resource use through a value chain that encompasses maintenance factories. In this area, Nippon Rent-A-Car Service, Inc., offers car rental services that deliver improved customer convenience and which contribute to sharing economies, as exemplified in the trend toward transitioning from ownership to use, amid the rising focus on realizing an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society. In addition, Tokyo Century has concluded a capital and business alliance with MIRAI-LABO, which possesses electric vehicle (EV) battery diagnosis and evaluation and reuse technologies. The goal of this alliance is to expand its EV leasing and rental businesses. Through this alliance, the used EV battery diagnosis technologies of MIRAI-LABO, which is acting based on its expressed goal of becoming a GX platform holder, will be utilized to strengthen these businesses. At the same time, we will work with MIRAI-LABO’s partners to bolster and supply environment-friendly mobility services related to repurposing and recycling of EV batteries. In fiscal 2022, Tokyo Century concluded a business alliance agreement with Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated, in relation to a stationary storage battery business utilizing used batteries from EVs, such as electric forklifts and motorcycles. In this alliance, we are examining the possibility of combining used batteries to provide larger-than-ever stationary batteries as grid-scale storage batteries. Furthermore, we are assessing the feasibility of collecting used batteries from end-of-lease electric motorcycles and other EVs to be reused as stationary storage batteries.

Contribution to the SDGs

9 Industry, innovation, infrastructure / 12 Responsible consumption, production


  • Expansion of circular economy and life cycle management businesses focused on asset value
  • Growth of refurbishment businesses compatible with an ecofriendly society
  • Differentiation of IT equipment leases through sophisticated data erasure technologies and other IT asset disposition services


  • Increased waste treatment costs for end-of-lease assets due to stricter environmental regulations
  • Need to respond to legal requirements of countries around the world following increased business globalization

Goals and Progress

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KPI Metric Unit Target year Target Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2021 Fiscal 2022
Refurbishment business Annual sales of secondhand computers Computers Fiscal 2025 More than 241,000
405,055 247,456 327,017
ITAD data erasure services
(CSI Leasing subsidiary Executive Personal Computers, Inc.)*
Number of units processed with ITAD services Units none none 829,815 1,208,184 1,713,011
Promotion of car rental services (Nippon Rent-A-Car Service, Inc.) Number of rental
Cars none none 33,098 31,157 33,201

Initiative Example

Capital and Business Alliance with MIRAI-LABO

In fiscal 2021, Tokyo Century concluded a capital and business alliance with MIRAI-LABO Co., Ltd., which develops businesses in the field of EV battery diagnosis, evaluation, and reuse, in order to further accelerate the Group’s EV leasing and rental business.

MIRAI-LABO boasts proprietary technology that evaluates EV battery deterioration on a module-by-module basis. It is also working to increase the value of batteries that can no longer be used in EVs by repurposing them into stationary storage batteries and autonomous street lights, depending on the level of deterioration. We intend to improve the competitiveness of our EV leases by developing with MIRAI-LABO an effective use model of batteries based on diagnostic evaluations. We will also work with MIRAI-LABO, a GX platform advocate, and its partners to bolster and supply environmentally sound mobility services related to the reuse, repurpose, and recycling of EV batteries.

Launch of Belong One Secondhand Smartphone and Tablet Rental Service for Corporate Users

In cooperation with the wholly owned ITOCHU subsidiary Belong Inc., Tokyo Century operates Belong One, a service for corporate users requiring rental of secondhand smartphones and tablets.

Belong One was launched in response to growing demand from corporations for these devices. The service increases the reuse of smartphones and tablets, as they can be maintained and reused after the end of their rental service life.

As a result, this initiative contributes to the realization of circular economies.

Tokyo Century’s Contribution to the SDGs

Tokyo Century is contributing to the enrichment of daily life and the sustainable development of society toward achieving the SDGs adopted as a shared responsibility for the international community at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development.