Amidst the growing number of public concerns about the global environment, such as marine plastic pollution, climate change, and insufficient use of waste plastics, the Japanese government formulated the Resource Circulation Strategy for Plastics in 2019, leading to the Plastic Resource Circulation Act, which came into effect in April 2022. This act requires businesses and the national and local governments to disclose publicly their efforts to reduce and recycle industrial waste from plastic products.

In this context, Tokyo Century is disclosing the following targets and results regarding the discharge volume and recycling rate of industrial waste from plastic products, in accordance with the guidance by the Japan Leasing Association.

Targets for Recycling Rate of Industrial Waste from Plastic Products

Maintain an average recycling rate of at least 90.0% for five years starting in FY2022

Actual Discharge Volume and Recycling Rate of Industrial Waste from Plastic Products

Discharge Volume 519,222 kg Recycling Rate 93.9%

Targets for Reducing the Discharge Volume of Plastic Office Supplies

Achieve a 100% recycling rate of plastic clear files by the end of FY2024

Reduce purchases of plastic clear files by 50% by the end of FY2025 (compared to FY2022)

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