For the Prosperity of Future Generations

In addition to renewable energy business for the next generation and the future of the Earth,

we provide services that contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society,

such as increasing the efficiency of business management and improving profitability in the power generation business.

We are also working to establish a value chain centered on the Environmental Infrastructure segment.

Environmental Infrastructure

We will support customers and business partners in their business strategies for decarbonization.

Segment Assets
¥ 273.9 billion
Distribution of Segment Assets
4.8 %
Net Income
¥ 1.9 billion

*As of March 31, 2024


The strength of this segment is in developing a renewable energy business, including a solar power generation business, which is one of the largest in Japan.

As environmental businesses have emerged as a common focus for all industries,
we are also cultivating new businesses by leveraging the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated through our power generation business.

We intend to build a value chain for the environmental business, from power plant development to construction, operation, and energy management, for realizing a decarbonized society.


  • Expanding renewable energy business opportunities based on the government policy of boosting the share of non-fossil power in electricity sales to 44% by 2030
  • Rising cost of fossil-based electricity due to the introduction of carbon pricing
  • Growing demand for renewable energy by companies responding to carbon neutrality


  • Intensifying competitive environment due to the increase in the number of power generation companies as a result of changes in the energy mix
  • Declining value of power generation equipment and facilities due to the spread of renewable energy technologies, and an intensifying competitive environment due to decreases in power generation costs
  • Financial impact and reputation risk associated with laws and regulations concerning the collection and recycling of solar panels
  • Increased costs for damage to power plants and insurance premiums due to intensifying abnormal weather events
  • Deputy President, Director and Executive Officer,
  • President, Environmental Infrastructure Business Development Unit

Hiroshi Sato

Accelerating the Growth of Environmental Businesses

For Tokyo Century, environmental businesses fulfill our corporate social responsibility and uphold our Management Philosophy of contributing to the creation of an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society. We have positioned these businesses as key efforts for meeting the growing needs of our customers as we provide the optimal services, such as renewable energy, for achieving a carbon-neutral society.

Diverse Business Investments in Future Areas of Growth

In our overseas solar power generation business, in February 2024 we jointly acquired 34 operating solar power plants with a total output of 303 MW in the U.K. with Schroders Greencoat LLP, a Group company of Schroders, a leading independent asset management group in the U.K. With this project, we successfully entered the overseas market and expanded the reach of our business.

Major Offerings

Renewable Energy Power Generation Business

Through Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, a joint venture with Kyocera Corporation, we are focusing on solar power, biomass power, and geothermal power generation as well as other businesses.

Solar Power Generation Business Management

Through A&Tm Corporation, we provide asset and technical management for solar power generation businesses, for maximizing the amount of electricity generated and ensuring the stable long-term use of power generation facilities.

Storage Battery Business

The entire Tokyo Century Group is promoting the storage battery business, which is expected to further encourage the use of renewable energy, as a means of proactively participating in each field of the storage battery business.

Biomass Co-Firing Power Generation Business

Through Shunan Power Corporation, we are contributing to the stable supply of energy and focusing on initiatives to increase the co-firing rate and achieve the goal of net zero GHG emissions by 2040.

Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Business

We support the introduction of solar power generation systems and related equipment, mainly to overseas subsidiaries of Japanese companies, utilizing subsidies under the JCM of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan.

Key Figures

Projected Annual GHG Emissions Reductions
from the JCM

43,034 t-CO2 *1

Number of Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plants in Operation

235 plants *2

Amount of Electricity Generated*3

888 MW *2

  • *1As of December 31, 2023
  • *2As of March 31, 2024
  • *3Power generation capacity of renewable energy businesses (including those outside the Environmental Infrastructure segment)


Expansion of the Solar Power Generation Business

Environment and Energy

Kyocera TCL Solar, a joint venture with Kyocera, is promoting various environmental and energy initiatives to realize a decarbonized society, including a business for selling electricity generated by solar power.


Contribution to decarbonized society
Utilize diverse partnerships to create new value

  • 7 Affordable and clean energy
  • 13 Climate action
  • 17 Partnerships for the goals

Environment and Energy

Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, a joint venture with Kyocera Corporation, is promoting a variety of initiatives in the environment and energy fields to develop a decarbonized society, including the sale of solar power generated electricity.

Tokyo Century established Kyocera TCL Solar in 2012 to own and operate mega solar power plants throughout Japan. We are also working to expand our solar power generation business by focusing on corporate power purchase agreements* in conjunction with our water-based solar power generation and real estate businesses.

*A long-term contract between a company (electricity consumer) and a power generation company for the purchase of electricity derived from renewable energy sources.

Collaboration with NTT Anode Energy in the Solar Power Generation Field

Environment and Energy

Tokyo Century is deepening its collaboration with NTT Anode Energy Corporation through the joint operation of a large-scale solar power plant and the establishment of an investment fund.


Contribution to decarbonized society
Utilize diverse partnerships to create new value

  • 7 Affordable and clean energy
  • 13 Climate action
  • 17 Partnerships for the goals

Environment and Energy

We are broadening our collaboration with NTT Anode Energy Corporation by jointly operating a large solar power plant and establishing an investment fund.

NTT Anode Energy is developing a smart energy business that leverages NTT Group technologies and assets to develop a decarbonized society and promote local energy production and consumption.

In 2020, the possibility of collaboration was considered, including joint development of an environmental and energy asset venture. That same year, we partnered in operating Energy Gate LLC, a solar power generation company.

In 2021, we jointly established a fund* for establishing a 100 billion yen portfolio for investing in renewable energy projects in Japan. For our expanding pipeline, we are currently focused on secondary projects for large solar power plants.

*This fund was jointly established by Tokyo Century, NTT Anode Energy, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited, and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Investment Co., Ltd.

Joint Investment in the U.K. Power Grid Storage Battery Business

Environment and Energy

Nippon Koei Energy Europe B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Koei, is investing in a 100 MW grid storage battery project in Tollgate and Cuxton in South East England.


Contribution to decarbonized society
Utilize diverse partnerships to create new value

  • 7 Affordable and clean energy
  • 13 Climate action
  • 17 Partnerships for the goals

Environment and Energy

Nippon Koei Energy Europe B.V., headquartered in the Netherlands and a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., has invested in a 100 MW grid electricity storage project in Tollgate and Cuxton in South East England.

This is the first electricity storage project for the power grid, with funding and financing provided by five Japanese companies, including Tokyo Century. The energy storage system manufactured by Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation and the control equipment manufactured by Nippon Koei will be used to connect to the power transmission and distribution system operated by National Grid plc , a leading power transmission company in the United Kingdom, to provide power grid stabilization services to grid operators. The project is scheduled to start commercial operations by the end of 2023.