Message from the President

Environmental Infrastructure

Further Focus on New Organization and Environment-Related Business and Expectations for Growth Deputy President, Director and Executive Officer, President, Environmental Infrastructure Business Development Unit Hiroshi Sato

Taking on a Responsible Role to Enhance the Group’s Environmental Business

Environmental business is a common theme for all our divisions, customers, and industries. In promoting environmental business as the Tokyo Century Group, the Environmental Infrastructure segment, which was newly established in April 2023, will consolidate environment-related know-how and knowledge that has been dispersed among operating segments and organizations, share them across the Group, and promote linkages. The entire Tokyo Century Group will provide optimal services to customers and engage in businesses that contribute to the creation of an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society.

Expanding Businesses and Creating New Ones through Strategic Investments and Participation in Environment and Energy Projects

In the Environmental Infrastructure segment, we own and operate a number of solar power plants, including Kyocera TCL Solar LLC. As for biomass power generation, we signed a capital and business alliance agreement in May 2022 with Forest Energy Inc., which develops and operates woody biomass power plants for local production and consumption. In June, we announced our participation in a woody biomass power generation project in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture. As in other growth strategies, we are accelerating efforts to quickly realize new businesses, including storage batteries and new power sources such as biogas, and expanding into the overseas renewable energy business to establish pillars of our earnings.

While promoting these power generation businesses, in September 2022 we established A&Tm Corporation, a joint venture with Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation and Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd., to provide asset management services and technical management in the solar power generation business. By combining the advanced technological capabilities of these companies, A&Tm will strongly improve power generation efficiency and the profitability of customers’ plants. In the renewable energy business, which has so far focused on increasing assets as a leasing company, we will build a value chain that adds value by providing software and services to take on the challenges of expanding businesses and creating new ones.

Furthermore, with regard to the biomass co-firing power plant of Shunan Power Corporation, owned by Tokyo Century, we will ensure the greening of the plant in accordance with the transition roadmap to achieve the goal of net zero GHG emissions by 2040, thereby contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society.

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