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The Website, (hereafter “this Website”), is managed and updated by Tokyo Century Corporation (hereafter “the Company”). Please review the following terms before using this Website.


1. Information on this Website

While the Company closely monitors the information presented on this Website, it is not liable for any content errors, data alteration by a third party, downloading problems, or any other issues, regardless of the cause.

2. Use of Investor Relations Information

IR information on this Website is meant to provide financial, operational, and other information on the Company. The Company, however, makes no assertions or warranties as to the accuracy or appropriateness of this information. The purpose of posting information on this Website is not to solicit the purchase or sale of shares of the Company. Any investment decisions should be based on your own judgment and not solely on the information contained on this Website.

3. Forward-looking Statements

Some of the content on this Website includes statements based on projections or forecasts. Such statements are based on the Company’s assumptions or beliefs at the time of production. Such projections or forecasts are subject to certain risks and/or uncertainty, and the Company does not warrant that such projections or forecasts will be achieved. Future operating results may differ materially from those stated in these projections or forecasts, depending on various factors, such as changes in the business environment.

4. Management of this Website

The Company has the right to suspend or discontinue this Website or change its content without prior notice.

Some visitors may not be able to access this Website for various reasons, such as those related to communication environments or computer configurations. The Company is not liable for any difficulties, loss, or damage arising from such situations.

In principle, the Company reserves all copyrights and other trademark rights for the content of this Website (including information, trademarks, and design). All unauthorized reproduction, use, copying, distribution, or alteration beyond the scope recognized under the Copyright Law is prohibited.

Personal Information

Personal information obtained through this Website is managed under the Handling of Personal Information.

View the Handling of Personal Information.


All sections of this Website that require the entry of personal information are protected by an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption system. This protection considerably reduces the possibility that data entered by the customer can be intercepted and/or altered by a third party. Nevertheless, given the nature of Internet communications, be aware that no such system completely guarantees the security of this information

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The Company uses cookies which are text files to be stored on web users’ browser or computer hard drive when they access to its website that allows identifying the access to its website.

Web beacon is a small image file embedded in a specific page on website to allow checking users’ access to the specific page and analyzing user data, including the number of their visits to the specific page and others. In this Website, the Company does not obtain any information which allows identification of individual users through the above functions.

Users can set their browser settings to refuse to accept cookies.

However, when users reject cookies, it will be unable to use certain features of this Website.

Access Log

This Website maintains an access log containing information on users who visit this Website.

The access log includes information such as the visitor’s IP address, browser type, domain name, duration of visit, number of visits, accessed file names, and the URL of the originating link. It does not include personal information such as the visitor’s name, address or phone number.

The Company uses the access log solely for maintenance and administration of this Website, compiling statistical analysis of browsing of this Website, and investigation of system failures and other problems. It is not used for any other purposes.

The Company is not liable for the content of any other sites, including those of other Group companies reached through the provided links, banners, etc. Those sites are managed and operated by the respective entities and not by the Company.

Therefore, if an entity wishes to provide a link to this Website, the name of the company must be correctly represented as Tokyo Century Corporation, and the URL must be <>. We do not allow direct linkages to pages other than the Home Page and prohibit the use of the Company logo as the referring link.

The Company does not permit links from sites containing illegal content, sites that may damage the Company’s credibility, or sites it deems inappropriate. In addition, the Company does not permit the unauthorized use of links that may present a misleading impression of the relationship, such as that of a business alliance or cooperative, between the Company and the entity that has created the link. The Company assumes no responsibility with respect to the Website of origin.

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Governing Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

Japanese law shall be the governing authority for this Website.

Unless otherwise stated, all conflicts related to this Website shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.