Develop diverse businesses together with partner companies

With our company and its partners as business entities, we intend to develop a wide variety of businesses beyond conventional leasing and enter new business areas that will serve as growth drivers.

By integrating the respective strengths and expertise of Tokyo Century and its partners, we will contribute to the creation of an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society and strive to enhance our corporate value and achieve sustainable growth over the medium to long term.

Contribution to the SDGs

17 Partnerships for the goals


Our business model is characterized by our partnership strategy. By forming alliances with prime companies in each industry and business operating segment, we can cover the expertise required for specific project management that we do not possess. In addition, we can handle large projects beyond our own capacities by collaborating with our partnership strategy companies. Currently, we have about 50 such close partners in Japan and overseas, who are major, indispensable assets for the growth of Tokyo Century.

Challenges to Pursuing New Business Domains with Core Partners


Jointly operated data center with the NTT Group in India

Groupwide Expansion of Business Collaboration in a Variety of Growth Fields

We engage in business collaboration with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) in a variety of growth fields, including digital technology, mobility, and environment and energy. In addition, we are reinforcing and expanding the leasing and finance businesses of joint venture company NTT TC Leasing Co., Ltd.


Fujitsu Ltd.

Resolution of Social Issues through Collaboration in Digital Transformation and Digital Technology Fields

With our unique subscription and other financial services, we are engaged in collaborative ventures with Fujitsu Limited, a company that boasts advanced digital platforms, to provide optimal services in digital domains, mainly DX and modernization.

Mitsubishi Estate

TOKYO TORCH scheduled for completion in 2027

Promotion and Expansion of Joint Businesses Centered on Urban Redevelopment and Projects

Through a partnership spanning more than a decade, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., and Tokyo Century jointly acquired a hotel and events hall to be built in TOKYO TORCH, a building under construction in the Tokiwabashi area in front of Tokyo Station. We have also partnered with Mitsubishi Estate in the development of data centers in the United States as well as in other social infrastructure projects.


Jointly operated mega solar power plant in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Medium- to Long-Term Growth in Environment and Energy Businesses Centered on Solar Power

Together with Kyocera Corporation, we are promoting initiatives in the environment and energy field, such as those of joint venture Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, with the aim of contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society.


Strengthening the Business Base by Combining the Expertise of Both Groups Centered on NX・TC Lease & Finance

Through NITTSU Lease & Finance Co., Ltd. (currently NX・TC Lease & Finance Co., Ltd.), established by spinning off the leasing business of Nittsu Shoji Co., Ltd. (currently NX Shoji Co., Ltd.) , we intend to enhance our corporate value by creating synergies between our automobile and real estate businesses and the logistics and customer base of the NX Group.

Tokyo Century’s Contribution to the SDGs

Tokyo Century is contributing to the enrichment of daily life and the sustainable development of society toward achieving the SDGs adopted as a shared responsibility for the international community at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development.