Environmental Management System Organization

Tokyo Century Group has established an environmental management system which covers companies in the Group, with the President & CEO, Representative Director of Tokyo Century serving as chief executive and the president of the Risk Management Unit serving as environmental manager.Our environmental management system involves the planning, implementation, operation, and inspection of environmental initiatives in accordance with the PDCA cycle. The system also involves periodic management reviews on the state of initiatives to promote continuous improvement in this area.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Tokyo Century aims to make a contribution to the environment through its business activities. We believe it is important to understand the positive and negative impacts of the projects we undertake on the environment. We use environmental impact assessment worksheets to assess risks and opportunities related to the environment for the projects to be submitted to the Management Meeting and Transaction Evaluation Meeting.

Environmental Education

Tokyo Century Group constantly carries out environmental education through e-learning targeting all officers and employees to raise understanding of environmental management system and to cultivate environmental related knowledge.At the same time, we conduct questionnaires to hear opinions and requests from internal and external stakeholders.Special educational practices and trainings are performed for employees who are involved in businesses related to processing assets upon termination of lease or closely related to those requiring to conduct business in accordance with environmental laws and regulations.

In addition, we issue Sustainability Communication several times a year to introduce various sustainability topics related to the environment and management strategies.To promote understanding and awareness of sustainability throughout the Tokyo Century Group, we issue both Japanese and English versions.

Sustainability Communication

Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification for Environmental Management Systems

Tokyo Century Group recognizes that initiatives to tackle environmental issues are a social obligation. The Group has obtained ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems, for the following scope.(Certifying organization: BSI Group Japan K.K.)


Scope of Coverage

The following three consolidated subsidiaries have obtained the certification individually.

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