Environmental Infrastructure

Journey of Challenges as Seen through Five Operating Segments

Developing Environment-Related Services that Contribute to the Realization of a Decarbonized Society

We are developing various type of environment and energy-related businesses, including for renewable energy power generation, asset management, storage batteries, and biomass power generation. Toward realizing a decarbonized society, we maximize the profitability of customers’ power generation businesses while helping them build value chains in the environmental business, from the development, construction, and operation of power plants to energy management.


A Step Forward in the Spread and Expansion of Renewable Energy

In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Japan sought alternative energy sources to replace nuclear power. A Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme for renewable energy was introduced in 2012, and the spread of solar power generation accelerated. We took a major step forward in terms of promoting and expanding renewable energy by working with partners to establish a joint venture for solar power generation projects.



Selected to operate the Ota Mega Solar Project, Japan’s first power generation project solely owned by a local government.


Jointly Established the Solar Power Generation Company Kyocera TCL Solar LLC with Kyocera Corporation

We established Kyocera TCL Solar LLC as a joint venture with Kyocera Corporation to develop a solar power generation business. The venture has grown into one of the largest in Japan, operating 89 power plants with a total capacity of approximately 400 MW nationwide (as of March 2023).

2013–2015Business Development

Participated in a New Floating Solar Power Generation Project

A number of issues have come into focus with the spread of solar power generation, such as fewer available sites for installing solar panels as well as their perceived negative impact on the environment. We therefore started to participate in the floating solar power generation business and explored new possibilities for renewable energy.



Kyocera TCL Solar LLC began installing one of Japan’s largest floating mega solar facilities.



Entered into a capital and business alliance with Ciel et Terre International in the floating solar power generation business.

2016–2018Leap Forward

Actively Developed Renewable Energy Business Overseas

The global focus on renewable energy increased following the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015. We actively developed our renewable energy business overseas, including by participating in a floating solar power generation project in Taiwan. We also accelerated our solar power plant construction and operation business both in Japan and overseas.



One of Japan’s largest floating mega solar power plants, the Chiba Yamakura Floating Mega Solar Power Plant, was completed.


Entered the floating solar power generation business in Taiwan.


Expanded the Scope of the Renewable Energy Business, Notably Biomass Power Generation

We actively focused on renewable energy fields other than solar power generation, particularly biomass power generation. We not only constructed power plants but also established partnerships for energy management to maximize power generation efficiency as well as to manage and operate power plants owned by our customers. These efforts expanded the scope of our renewable energy business.



Signed a Capital and Business Alliance Agreement with Forest Energy Inc.

We entered into a capital and business alliance with Forest Energy Inc., which develops and operates woody biomass power plants to support local production for local consumption and further accelerated our renewable energy business using domestic woody biomass.


Started construction of the Tahara Biomass Power Plant, the largest woody biomass combustion power plant in Japan.


Participated in the Ikoma Project, a woody biomass power generation project in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture.


Shunan Power Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary of Tokyo Century, started commercial operation of a biomass co-firing power plant.


Established A&Tm Corporation, a Joint Venture Company that Provides Asset Management and Technical Management Services in the Solar Power Generation Business

We established A&Tm Corporation as a joint venture with Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation and Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. to provide one-stop services for asset and technical management in the solar power generation business. A&Tm Corporation will also seek to create new businesses, such as by proposing effective methods for utilizing storage batteries.

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