Equipment Leasing

Journey of Challenges as Seen through Five Operating Segments

Providing a Variety of Leasing-Related Solutions for All Types of Customers

Equipment Leasing provides optimal financial services for all types of customer facilities and environments, including information and communications, office, factory, and commercial equipment as well as construction machinery. We offer diverse leasing solutions and co-create business with partner companies.


Provided More Diverse Services from Upstream of Customer Businesses

The global financial crisis and major revisions to lease accounting standards began to cast a pall over the Japanese leasing market, and we aggressively pursued joint ventures with partner companies. By joining customer businesses upstream and building mutually beneficial partnerships, we began to actively take on the challenge of providing a variety of high-value-added services beyond conventional leasing.



Converted IHI Finance Support Corporation into a consolidated subsidiary

2013–2015Business Development

Focused on the Asset Life Cycles and Improved Competitiveness

We began focusing on asset life cycles along with offering joint businesses with customers and diverse financial services. We covered the entire life cycle of products and focused on secondary markets such as the used market and the potentially profitable used PC refurbishment business. At the same time, we worked to improve our competitiveness by accumulating related expertise.



Established Orico Business Leasing Co., Ltd. to Specialize in Vendor Leasing

We established a joint venture company, Orico Business Leasing Co., Ltd., with Orient Corporation. Combining our extensive leasing operation capabilities with Orient’s expertise in the consumer credit industry, we were able to meet more diverse vendor leasing needs.

2016–2018Leap Forward

Actively Took on Challenging Projects

We successfully gained experience and knowledge in a variety of business areas through audacious joint projects with partner companies. In addition, since the early days of subscription-based services, we offered a subscription model for leasing to explore new possibilities in this business.


Worked Vigorously on Challenging Projects to Develop New Business Areas and Partners

In 2016, we introduced a robot dispatching business with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., and in 2017 we signed a business alliance with Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. (currently Tsukishima Holdings Co., Ltd.), which operates water environment and industrial businesses, and boldly took on entirely new challenges.



Established TC Tsukishima Energy Solution LLC, a joint venture company for the digestive gas power generation business with Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.


Converted Bplats, Inc., a Subscription Platform Provider, into an Equity-Method Affiliate

Bplats, Inc. provides a variety of subscription platforms that transcend the boundaries of existing industries under the philosophy of offering subscription options for all businesses. We made Bplats an equity-method affiliate to strengthen our commitment to popularizing subscription-based ventures.



Acquired shares of Amada Lease Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Amada Holdings Co., Ltd. (currently Amada Co., Ltd.)


Started to Develop Decarbonization and Digital Businesses and Resolving Social Issues

We seized the initiative to further raise the value of the leasing business while strengthening our partnerships. These efforts included the provision of highly competitive financial services that help resolve social issues by deepening collaboration, especially in decarbonization and digital fields. In an era of deepening uncertainty, we intend to create a sustainable economy and society while responding to the diversifying needs of our customers and society.



Completed acquisition of shares in ITOCHU Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and changed the company name.



Concluded a Capital and Business Alliance Agreement with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) to Establish NTT TC Leasing Co., Ltd.

In 2020, we signed a capital and business alliance agreement with NTT and established NTT TC Leasing Co., Ltd. by spinning off a portion of NTT Finance Corporation’s leasing and global operations. Tokyo Century and NTT combined their knowledge to strengthen the leasing and finance businesses.



Established NITTSU Lease & Finance Co., Ltd. Following the Spin-off of the Leasing Business of Nittsu Shoji Co., Ltd. (Currently NX Shoji Co., Ltd.)

Following the spin-off of the leasing business of Nittsu Shoji Co., Ltd. (currently NX Shoji Co., Ltd.), Tokyo Century, Nippon Express Holdings, Inc., and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., jointly established NITTSU Lease & Finance Co., Ltd.(currently NX・TC Lease & Finance Co., Ltd.), which provides financial services centered on leasing, and converted it into an equity-method affiliate.


Started to Collaborate with the Fujitsu Group

We announced a new collaboration with the Fujitsu Group to support customers in transforming their business and growing in the digital area, including in digital transformation. We established a new cooperative structure led by Fujitsu Leasing Co., Ltd. (currently FLCS Co., Ltd.), in which we and the Fujitsu Group invested.



Concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc. (FFG) and acquired the shares of FFG Lease Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of FFG, making it an equity-method affiliate.

  • Equipment Leasing

    Providing a variety of leasing solutions for all types of customers

  • Automobility

    Utilizing unparalleled service quality and networking capability to respond to diversifying automobile needs

  • Specialty Financing

    Providing unique services with advanced expertise as a strength

  • International Business

    Driving the digital and mobility revolutions by leveraging alliance strategies with global prime companies

  • Environmental Infrastructure

    Offering environment-related services that contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society