International Business

Journey of Challenges as Seen through Five Operating Segments

Driving the Digital and Mobility Revolutions by Leveraging Alliance Strategies with Global Prime Companies

Our extensive global network extends to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, with professionals in every location who provide financial services that meet the diverse needs of our customers. We also promote projects for realizing a circular economy and sustainable society, such as the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM).


Started Providing Services Also to Non-Japanese Companies Overseas

Anticipating growth in overseas leasing, we started to focus on this business, primarily in Asia. Although we had initially established overseas offices only to offer financial services to Japanese corporate customers outside of Japan, we began to strategically establish more overseas offices and expand our network to also serve non-Japanese companies.



Established PT. Century Tokyo Leasing Indonesia (currently PT. Tokyo Century Indonesia), a Subsidiary in Indonesia.

2013–2015Business Development

Steady Expansion of Overseas Network Served as a Stepping Stone for Growth

We leveraged our auto business to steadily expand our network in the Asian region and strengthened ties with local financial institutions and leading companies by making them Group companies. This enabled us to broaden our range of businesses to include financing. In addition, the acquisition of CSI Leasing, Inc., a major independent leasing company in the U.S., as a Group company represented a major milestone for future growth.



Converted TISCO Tokyo Leasing Co., Ltd. into a Consolidated Subsidiary

TISCO Tokyo Leasing Co., Ltd., our joint venture with TISCO Financial Group PCL, a major financial group in Thailand, became a consolidated subsidiary, enabling us to further expand business in the growing Thai market.


Converted BPI Century Tokyo Lease & Finace Corporation (Formerly BPI Leasing Corporation), a Philippine-Based Leasing Company, into an Equity-Method Affiliate

BPI Century Tokyo Lease & Finance Corporation is a Philippine-based leasing subsidiary of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), the oldest and largest bank in Southeast Asia. This new joint venture partnership with BPI has enabled us to expand and diversify our business base in the Philippines.



Entered the construction machinery vendor finance business in the ASEAN region by acquiring shares of a local sales finance subsidiary owned by the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group.


Converted CSI Leasing, Inc., a Major U.S. Leasing Company Focused on IT Equipment, into an Equity-Method Affiliate

CSI Leasing, Inc., the largest independent leasing company in the U.S., which mainly handles IT equipment, became our equity-method affiliate. This strengthened the global expansion of our leasing and finance business centered on IT equipment and served as a milestone marking the drastic growth of the business.

2016–2018Leap Forward

Grew by Leaps and Bounds while Giving Shape to New Challenges

CSI Leasing, Inc. became our wholly owned subsidiary in 2016 and grew substantially. With an extensive network of offices around the world, it rapidly developed its business by taking advantage of its strength as an independent company. Our robust auto business and CSI’s fair market value (“FMV”) leasing became the pillars of our earnings. In 2017, we became the first Japanese financial services company to be selected for a project under the JCM, opening the way to take on new challenges.



Made CSI Leasing, Inc. a Wholly Owned Subsidiary

We made CSI Leasing, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary after converting it into an equity-method affiliate in 2015, helping us to realize a leading world-class global network and provide one-stop services throughout the life cycle of leased properties to customers expanding their businesses worldwide.



Established TC Car Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary in Thailand.



Our Project in the Philippines Was Selected for the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) for FY2009

The JCM is a mechanism for forming partnerships between Japan and developing countries in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our project in the Philippines, the first by a Japanese financial services company, was adopted in 2018. Since then, our projects in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and India have been adopted, producing the best results among financial service companies in Japan.


Acquired shares of TISCO Financial Group PCL, a major financial group in Thailand.


Strengthened Partnerships to Develop New Business Overseas

Ordinary income of CSI Leasing, Inc. increased by approximately four times since in first became a Group company. In addition, the International Business segment as a whole demonstrated steady growth. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to establish a finance company for construction machinery in North America and launch a data center business in India in collaboration with the NTT Group. Furthermore, we actively took on the challenge of developing new partners and business areas.



Started Data Center Business in India in Collaboration with NTT

Together with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and NTT Global Data Centers Corporation, we launched a data center business in India. We gradually expanded the construction and operation of data centers in India with plans to build up to 13 of these facilities.


Acquired Shares of U.S. Dealers, Work Truck Direct, Inc. and Fiber Marketing International, Inc.

In June, we acquired shares of Work Truck Direct, Inc., a U.S. dealer that specializes in the niche market of special-purpose vehicles and equipment, with strengths related to small and medium-sized trucks for e-commerce as well as equipment and vehicles for arbor work. In December, we acquired a stake in Fiber Marketing International, Inc., which provides comprehensive services including sales, after-sales service, and rental of small construction equipment as well as arbor equipment and vehicles, mainly in the state of Washington. These acquisitions strengthened our one-stop service system, which integrates everything from leasing and financing to sales and after-sales service for specialized equipment.



Established a Joint Venture Finance Company for Construction Machinery in North America

In collaboration with ITOCHU Corporation and Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., we established ZAXIS Financial Services Americas, LLC, a joint venture that provides sales financing for construction machinery sold by the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group in North America. Our goal for this venture was to provide a more competitive financing menu to customers in the construction machinery market in North America.

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    Utilizing unparalleled service quality and networking capability to respond to diversifying automobile needs

  • Specialty Financing

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  • International Business

    Driving the digital and mobility revolutions by leveraging alliance strategies with global prime companies

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