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Company Name AP Equipment Financing
(Allegiant Partners Inc.)
Head Office

123 SW Columbia Street Bend, OR 97702, U.S.A.


Date of Foundation February 1998
Paid-in Capital US$10 million
Shareholder Tokyo Century (USA) Inc. 100%
Company Representative CEO Chris Enbom
Main Business Operations General leasing and finance


AP Equipment Financing (Allegiant Partners Inc., "API") is a general leasing and financing company with a focus on work trucks and vans for package delivery, and arbor equipment and vehicles. API specializes in specific-purpose vehicles and equipment that require expert industry knowledge. By combining its proprietary internet-based marketing platform with its extensive customer data base and industry expertise, API has been providing speedy yet high value-added financial services.

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AP Equipment Financing

123 SW Columbia Street Bend, OR 97702, U.S.A.

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