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Under this service, the leasing company assumes the administrative burden of the vehicle. Fees for maintenance leases, common in automobile leasing, include those for inspection and maintenance, repairs, and consumable supplies, in addition to various registration fees, taxes, and insurance, thereby significantly reducing the customer’s vehicle management responsibilities.


  • Tokyo Century Group provides one stop service for customers. Customers pay only monthly rental fee, and we will arrange all administrative work for you (insurance registration, roadside & maintenance service etc.. ) , which reduce your paper work, and it is easier for you to control your cost.
  • Outsourcing the maintenance lease service to us is one of the most effective methods. This mainly leads to less administrative work and cost reduction.

Benefits of using maintenance lease

  • 1Labour saving on administrative work

    Tokyo Century Group will conduct all troublesome jobs such as negotiating with dealers , choosing the best insurance policy & premium, arranging regular maintenance and roadside service instead of customers.

  • 2Be able to use car in the best condition at all times

    We cooperate with reliable workshop for regular maintenance and periodically change the consumable parts (tire & battery). For the regular maintenance check schedule, we will remind the customers from time to time.

  • 3Cost reduction

    Monthly rental fee is calculated based on the fleet price deducted by estimated residual value which is cheaper compared to the price offers to an individual buyer.


Pinch out




Starting from selecting dealers to purchasing

Regular Maintenance

Conduct regular maintenance

Change tire & battery

Change tire & battery


Contain both compulsory & comprehensive insurance


Support along with insurance company

Roadside Assistance (Repair)

Support along with roadside company

Replacement Car

(Limited Countries)

Provide replacement car for inspection 

  / repair over 24 hrs. and repairing in case of accident

Registration & Tax Fee

Process all transactions during the lease period.

Serviced Countries and Regions

Tokyo Century Group provides services in more than 30 countries and regions.
We can also meet your needs in countries and regions in which we do not have a local subsidiary, however, the services available will vary by country and region.


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