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(1) Policies and Basic Concept

The Tokyo Century Group, which is engaged in corporate activities centering on financial services business in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, believes that solving social and ethical issues through our business activities will maintain sustainability and lead to further growth.
We will fulfill our responsibilities to customers by implementing education and training programs for employees and further improving our management system to provide financial services tailored to customers’ needs.

(2) Providing Appropriate, High-Quality Products and Services

The Tokyo Century Group will comply with all laws, regulations and rules, and provide appropriate, high-quality products and services to realize the development of our customers' businesses. In addition, we strive to earn the trust and recognition of our customers by conducting e-learning and other matters as educational and training programs on responsible business activities and compliance.

(3) Responsible Advertising and Marketing

In accordance with the Management Philosophy, the Corporate Code of Conduct, and our Action Guidelines, the Tokyo Century Group engages in responsible advertising and marketing activities with due consideration for social responsibility.
Through two-way dialogues with stakeholders, we will understand the expectations and demands of society and reflect them in our business activities.

(4) Targets

To realize the development of our customers' businesses, the Tokyo Century Group will provide appropriate, high-quality products and services and build strong relationships of trust with our customers.
We will implement employee training programs to provide appropriate, high-quality products and services in a sustainable way.


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