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Tokyo Century Group recognizes that initiatives to tackle environmental issues are a social obligation and give consideration to environmental conservation in all areas of its business activities in order to create an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society.

Environmental Manual

The leasing industry is one with a low environmental footprint; however, Tokyo Century Group believes it is necessary to make even further efforts in this area, including promoting renewable energy business and others in order to contribute to greenhouse gas reduction through its operating activities, while taking an initiative in reducing office electricity use. As such, the Group has created its own Environmental Manual as a rulebook which makes it easy for employees to understand what environmental activities can be implemented as part of their everyday work.

Main Contents of Environmental Manual

  • Basic Environmental Policy/Management System
  • Key management items/environmental targets
  • Specific implementation items (Environmental contribution through office activities, including electricity/fuel/paper use reduction and others, as well as through our operating activities, including promotion of the renewable energy business, life-cycle management assets upon lease or rental contract expiration by refurbishing, and other operating activities)

Environmental Conservation Initiatives through Office and Operating Activities

Resource and Energy Conservation

  • Efforts concerning the paper output methods such as double-sided printing, reduced size printing, and multi-page printing
  • The conservation of paper resource by recycling the office waste paper through operation of PaperLab
  • The reduction of paper use via the promotion of paperless work such as the use of projectors and document digitization
  • The reduction of electricity use via the implementation of Cool Biz/Warm Biz initiatives and shutting computers off when away from one’s seat or otherwise when not in use
  • The promotion of the introduction of low-emission vehicles (environmentally friendly vehicles) for business vehicles
  • Energy conservation through improved fuel efficiency via the implementation of ecologically friendly driving education for employees

Packing-less Shipping Initiative

  • The usage of dedicated trucks and packing materials as well as the elimination of packing or simplified packing for precision machines when shipping in the metropolitan area

Recycling and Reuse

  • Recycling and reuse of stationary and toner, etc.

Recent Initiatives

PaperLab, office papermaking system

The conservation of paper resource by recycling the office waste paper through operation of PaperLab

Tokyo Century has installed PaperLab A-8000, office papermaking system, developed by Seiko Epson Corporation. The PaperLab produces new paper using the waste paper collected from recycle boxes which are placed at the company’s office.
Under our management philosophy, Tokyo Century Group will contribute to the creation of an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society, and will focus on reducing environmental impact through cutting down waste paper, including shredded waste paper, and recycling used office paper.


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