Sustainability at Tokyo Century Group Message from the President & CEO

To be recognized by society as a company with trust and high expectations: Contributing to the development of society and environmental conservation through our business activities, and healthy and transparent management system

Tokyo Century Group is always mindful of corporate social responsibility, offers high expertise and a wide range of unique financial services by leveraging its flexible business domain, while the company has set out in its management philosophy to contribute to realizing an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society that enables economic development through effective use of resources.

In relation to our business activities, we determine our management targets and each policy in an aim to realize a prosperous and rewarding society as we understand our roles to play as a good corporate citizen through a proactive communication with a variety of our stakeholders, such as customers, partners, shareholders, investors, regional societies, and our employees. Each operating segment --Equipment Leasing, Mobility & Fleet Management, Specialty Financing, and International Business-- will not only undertake economic activities focusing on pursuing profit, they will also promote contribution to solving social issues along with customers through our business initiatives, such as renewable energy business, including solar power generation that contributes to realizing an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society; environmental protection through reuse and recycle; responding to the advancement in global mobility services; and developing social infrastructure in cooperation with local communities and societies.
As a foundation for supporting those activities, in April 2018, we have established the Sustainability Committee as an organization for planning, promoting and integrating sustainable corporate activities to respond to key issues in sustainability.

Tokyo Century Group’s growth is driven by human resources. I believe that our personnel can provide significant assistance to our customers in operating and developing their businesses by exercising their professionality, foresight, imagination, and creativity, and that will contribute to realizing an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society. In order to promote to build an environment in which those diversified resources can exercise their capability and work with a sense of fulfillment, we have established the Diversity Promotion Office within the Personnel Division. Moreover, to support every employee to conceptualize, design, and realize lifelong career paths, we also established the Career Design Office within the Division, while implementing various measures under Diversity Basic Policy.

Tokyo Century Group will continue to expand its business results while focusing on social contribution through its business activities and environmental conservation as a leading global company. Moreover, we will continue to enhance our compliance to eliminate anti-social forces, bribery, anti-corruption, and others to implement sound management from an environmental and social perspective so that we can fulfill our roll in corporate social responsibility.
We will remain relentless in our efforts to maintain healthy and transparent management by strengthening corporate governance to earn trust and expectations from our stakeholders.

Makoto Nogami President & CEO, Representative Director


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