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I am Makoto Nogami, and it is my great pleasure to have this opportunity to deliver my message as the newly appointed President & CEO of Tokyo Century Corporation as of April 1, 2020. Over the past 10 years since the merger in April 2009, we have steadily expanded our business fields through the creation of new financial services by responding to changing times.
We would like to express our gratitude to all stakeholders who have supported our journey up to date.

The main strength of Tokyo Century Group is our capability to provide customers with a full range of support, from financial assistance to services and viable businesses in a largely unrestricted management environment free of regulatory constraints. At Tokyo Century, we have been concentrating heavily on promoting the services that drive to raise the added-value of assets by going beyond the realms of finance in the sense of the word, “service” which is broadly defined containing multiple meanings. In the meantime, we have been focusing on developing viable businesses which we are jointly operating with partner companies.

Fiscal 2019 was a period of major transformation for Tokyo Century, as the company embarked on two management strategies aimed at achieving dramatic growth towards the future. One is the acquisition of the U.S aircraft lessor, Aviation Capital Group (ACG), as a wholly owned subsidiary, and the other one is the conclusion of a capital and business alliance with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT). In addition, Tokyo Century implemented a capital increase of \93.8 billion in total by the issuance of new shares through third-party allotment to NTT and ITOCHU Corporation.

The three-year New Fourth Medium-Term Management Plan starts in fiscal 2020. Tokyo Century has been steadily expanding its business through a wide range of efforts. As described above, Tokyo Century will work on expanding the aircraft leasing business and the business alliance with NTT as our growth drivers, while the company remains fully committed to further increase asset efficiency in Equipment Leasing, Mobility & Fleet Management, Specialty Financing, and International Business by leveraging extensive customer basis and cooperate with partner companies in and outside Japan. Furthermore, we focus on enhancing business foundation to achieve a medium and long-term increase in corporate value with an eye on the next 10 years.

Tokyo Century will not only continue business activities to pursue profit in each operating segment, but also, the company will also focus on renewable energy businesses, including solar power generation that contributes to realizing an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society, and environmental protection though reuse and recycling. Furthermore, we also seek to contribute to solving the social issues centering on ESG and the SDGs, such as responding to the advancement in global mobility services and developing social infrastructure in cooperation with local communities and societies.

With rapidly advancing digital technology in the world, economic society is expected to accelerate its changes at higher speed than ever before. Tokyo Century Group will continue to create the new financial services for the future by making the proactive upfront investment as a company with financial capabilities based on its flexible concepts of “Finance x Services x Business Expertise” while adopting to significantly changing times with the emphasis on digital transformation (DX).
Tokyo Century will work alongside customers in pursuit of their growth.

We will continue to chase the challenge into the future along with customers in pursuit of their growth by providing infinite assistance. I believe Tokyo Century will have a bright future ahead of us.

Makoto Nogami President & CEO, Representative Director


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