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In accordance with its Basic Policy on Health and Productivity Management, Tokyo Century is fostering health awareness among its officers and employees and promoting the development of a workplace environment in which each individual can work with peace of mind and in good physical and mental health. As part of this effort, we held a seminar on women’s health.

Women have unique health issues due to huge female hormone fluctuations throughout their lives and have been troubled with some symptoms in the workplace.
Looking for clues to understand these matters, we invited Ms. Aya Hatabe, a public health nurse from Avenir Corporation, to receive a lecture titled “What We Need to Know about Female Hormones.” The lecture covered a wide variety of topics specific to women, including hormone fluctuations, life cycles, health issues by age group (e.g., menstrual pain, premenstrual syndrome, menopausal disorders, etc.), and cancer.
The lecturer, Ms. Hatabe, said enthusiastically, “Many women think that physical problems caused by the effects of female hormones are inevitable or that they have to endure painful symptoms while working. I would like you to create an opportunity to think about keeping yourself in good health in the office. Adding to that, I have to say regular checkups for cancers specific to women are essential.”


After the seminar, participants commented, “I understood the importance of regular checkups and the improvement of lifestyle habits. This seminar should be listened to by people of all ages and genders.”
For those who were not able to attend the seminar, we have prepared an archived webcast to inform all officers and employees of these health issues.
Ms. Hatabe said, “The most important thing to maintain good health is to establish and maintain a ‘regular lifestyle’ that balances the three pillars of diet, sleep, and exercise. In addition, it is crucial to undergo cancer screening on a regular basis when there are no symptoms. I feel happy to realize that the message I wanted to convey was well received. Regardless of gender, accurate knowledge makes it easier to cooperate with each other and leads to a comfortable workplace. I hope all the women who could not attend the seminar and the men in the office will watch the archived webcast.


Tokyo Century strives to maintain and improve the well-being of its officers, employees, and their families with the recognition that health management is a corporate management issue.