Our Staff Members Gave Lectures on “Tokyo Century’s Sustainability Initiatives” at the University’s Summer Program

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Tokyo Century has given lectures on “Career Design” and “Sustainability Initiatives” at universities as part of its educational and academic support activities.
In the BAA-SWU Joint Summer Program 2023, a summer program jointly run by Showa Women’s University and Business Academy Aarhus (“BAA”), one of the largest business higher education institutions in Denmark.This program is for students from both countries to learn about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in English from a variety of perspectives through classes, company visits, and other activities. A total of 31 students, 17 from Showa Women's University and 14 from BAA, participated.

At the beginning of the program, we shared with participants the significance of companies taking ESG issues into consideration and making efforts to achieve the SDGs. Subsequently, we introduced Tokyo Century's sustainability management, carbon neutrality policy, and other initiatives.In addition, we provided explanations on examples of contributions to the SDGs through business and the importance of disclosing non-financial information. With interactive work, we offered an opportunity for students to help relate what they have learned about ESG initiatives and the SDGs to Tokyo Century’s business and practice.

The students asked questions about businesses related to “Tokyo Century’s materiality (key issues),” and heated discussions took place.
After the lectures, we received comments: “It was found that Tokyo Century is working on many projects while considering the future environment.” “I learned about a Joint Crediting Mechanism for the first time. I felt that working together internationally as well as domestically to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a shortcut to achieving carbon neutrality.” “It was interesting to see not only the business but also familiar initiatives such as switching to paper files, from plastic, for recycling.” They showed a high level of interest in our lectures.

Going forward, Tokyo Century will continue its educational and academic support through university lectures and other activities.