At Kansai University, Our Staff Member Gave a Lecture on “Tokyo Century’s Initiatives for Sustainability”

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Ms. Unno, the general manager of the Sustainability Management Division of the Company, gave a lecture on “Tokyo Century’s Initiatives for Sustainability” to students of Kansai University’s Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences.

This lecture was held as an endowed course by the Business Ethics Research Center (BERC*), in which we participate. Since 2013, Kansai University has held endowed courses by BERC participating companies with the main theme of Corporate Social Responsibility every year. This was our first lecture at Kansai University.

On the day, Ms. Unno explained Tokyo Century’s sustainability management and leasing, which contributes to the creation of an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society, and introduced specific examples of initiatives undertaken by each operating segment linked to our materiality (key issues). A total of 177 students attended the lecture while taking notes enthusiastically. During the question-and-answer session, the students asked many questions about our future plans for projects in the Environmental Infrastructure segment, specific measures for the carbon neutrality policy, and the profit level of the previous fiscal year, showing their positive attitude.
After the lecture, a discussion was held with 11 people, including third-year students from the Takano Seminar led by Professor Kazuhiko Takano of the Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences.

Tokyo Century will continue its educational and academic support activities going forward.

* BERC (Business Ethics Research Center)
Japan’s first industry-academia cooperative professional organization to conduct practical research on corporate business ethics. It has about 170 member companies.
Numerous study sessions are held throughout the year on compliance, SDGs/CSR, and sustainability management.