A Local Subsidiary in the Philippines Donated an End-Of-Lease Vehicle to a Nonprofit Organization That Supports Child Welfare

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BPI Century Tokyo Rental Corporation (BPICTR), Tokyo Century’s local subsidiary in the Philippines, held an event for Reach Youth Ministries Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports child welfare. BPICTR donated an end-of-lease vehicle and gas stoves to the organization and contributed school supplies, daily necessities, sweets, and other items to children.

For 38 years, Reach Youth Ministries Inc. has been traveling to areas near Manila where children from needy families live to provide them with food, necessities of life, and educational opportunities. The donated end-of-lease vehicle will be used to transport relief supplies, and the gas stoves will be used for soup kitchens.

At an event held at Jollibee, a fast-food chain restaurant in the country, volunteer staff members who became university students and working adults, with the organization’s support, also came to enjoy games and meals with about 70 children. In addition, school supplies such as bags and stationery, daily necessities such as soap and shampoo, and sweets were distributed from BPICTR.
These items were contributed and donated by BPICTR employees.

BPICTR will continue to promote social contributions and strive to become the No. 1 leasing company chosen by customers.