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Tokyo Century Group provides highly specialized services only a leasing company can provide to meet customer needs, including oceangoing ship construction, purchasing, and chartering.

Tokyo Century’s Ship Financing

  1. 1Tokyo Century Group provides a variety of financing services which make use of such schemes as ship mortgage financing, operating leasing (bareboat chartering), and bareboat chartering with an option to purchase.
  2. 2Backed by our expertise, Tokyo Century Group uses its financing services and solutions to help solve customer problems, including streamlining of customer assets and avoiding risks associated with residual ship value.
  3. 3Whether in regards to the construction of a new ship or a previously owned vessel, Tokyo Century Group is able to work with a variety of oceangoing ships, including car carriers, container ships, chemical tankers, product tankers, and offshore vessels, in addition to coastal ships and bulk carriers.
Tokyo Century’s Ship Financing

Example Ship Financing Scheme

Example Ship Financing Scheme

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  1. 1Makes it possible to diversify fund procurement methods.
  2. 2Helps improve financial indicators through streamlining of assets (off-balance sheet assets).
  3. 3Makes it possible to avoid risks associated with ship ownership.

Serviced Countries and Regions

Tokyo Century Group provides services in more than 30 countries and regions.
We can also meet your needs in countries and regions in which we do not have a local subsidiary, however, the services available will vary by country and region.


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