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Tokyo Century Group purchases accounts and notes receivable. This makes it possible to cash credits early and hedge against collection risks such as the client going bankrupt.


Accounts receivable

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Basic scheme is as shown above, however there are exceptions as follows:

  • 1Schemes which incorporate claim transfer registration systems based on the Act on Special Provisions, etc. of the Civil Code Concerning the Perfection Requirements for the Assignment of Movables and Claims are also available.
  • 2Depending on circumstances, we are also able to provide schemes in which the collection of accounts receivable is outsourced to the customer (recovery agency).
Purechase of notes receivable

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Basic scheme is as shown above, however we also offer the batch purchasing of low value notes receivable (pooling).


  • Elimination of credit risk
  • Improvement of cash flow (payment prior to settlement date)
  • Diversification of fund procurement methods
  • Improvement of financial condition (off-balance sheet effect)

Serviced Countries and Regions

Tokyo Century Group provides services in more than 30 countries and regions.
We can also meet your needs in countries and regions in which we do not have a local subsidiary, however, the services available will vary by country and region.


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