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Tokyo Century Group purchases equipment from dealers in line with customer objectives and purposes instead of the customer and leases to the customer for a fixed period.


  1. 1Customers can lease the equipment they desire.
  2. 2In principle, contracts cannot be canceled during the lease period.
  3. 3Customers pay most relevant expenses during the lease period, including equipment acquisition costs, interest, comprehensive property insurance fees, and fixed asset taxes.
  4. 4Customers are responsible for the maintenance and management of leased equipment.



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  1. 1Efficient application of capital (diversification of fund procurement)
  2. 2Streamlining of asset management
  3. 3Cost equalization (accurate understanding of costs)
  4. 4Avoidance of risk of equipment becoming obsolete
  5. 5 Maintenance of available credit

Serviced Countries and Regions

Tokyo Century Group provides services in more than 30 countries and regions.
We can also meet your needs in countries and regions in which we do not have a local subsidiary, however, the services available will vary by country and region.


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