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1. Basic Policy Regarding Information Disclosure

The Company will actively and consistently disclose its management strategy, status of business activities, financial condition, and other information in a timely, fair, and accurate manner.

2. Standards on Information Disclosure

The Company will disclose information based on the Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other laws and regulations, as well as the Securities Listing Regulation defined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter “the listing regulation”). In addition to information based on the above laws and regulations, we will disclose information that is useful for encouraging a clearer understanding of the Company. We may, however, withhold information that is deemed inappropriate for disclosure based on due consideration.

3. Method of Information Disclosure

We will disclose information relevant to the listing regulation based on designated procedures by holding a briefing at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, after which the information will be disclosed through the Exchange’s Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) as well as to media organizations. Following disclosure, the information will be promptly made available on the Company website. In view of the objective of timely disclosure, we will also disclose other information not covered by the listing regulation in an appropriate manner.

4. Future Outlook

Information disclosed by the Company may include content concerning future forecasts and outlook. Such information is based on the Company’s judgment as of the time the reference material was compiled. Such forecasts and outlooks involve risks and uncertainties, and the Company does not guarantee they will come to pass as described.

5. Silent Period

To prevent leakage of financial information and to ensure fairness, the Company designates the period between the accounting date and the reporting date as a silent period, which includes quarterly disclosures. During this period, the Company will in principle refrain from commenting or replying to queries related to financial information. However, in the event that the Company expects any change as defined by the standards of the listing regulation to occur with regard to its current earnings forecast, the Company will disclose such information as required in a timely manner, even during the silent period.


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