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Tokyo Century Group strives to grow alongside customers and contribute to society through the provision of highly specialized and unique financing services supported by our four operating segments: Equipment Leasing, Mobility & Fleet Management, Specialty Financing, and International Business.

Equipment Leasing

3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Initiatives

Tokyo Century Group thoroughly implements the 3Rs (reducing, reusing, and recycling) for leased assets upon expiration to promote the creation of a sustainable economy and society. TRY, a subsidiary of Tokyo Century, resells refurbished IT assets or recovers resources from them, creating a business model suited to a recycling-oriented economy and contributing to the preservation of the global environment. Further, a Group company Fujitsu Leasing has begun full scale refurbishment of computers and servers, once outsourced to other companies. TRY also refurbishes IT assets collected by other Group companies, increasing the number of refurbished computers and promoting the 3Rs.

TRY refurbished computers

Welfare and Nursing Business Initiatives

Tokyo Century Group has launched a nursing consulting business, Sousei Research & Consulting Inc., as a joint venture with the SOUSEIKAI Group. The SOUSEIKAI Group is a major company in the industry which operates nursing facilities with a focus on Tokyo, Kyushu, and Sendai. In particular, the Group is an established authority in consulting concerning the refurbishment of unprofitable facilities. As Japan increasingly becomes an aging society, Tokyo Century Group will grow alongside the SOUSEIKAI Group through Sousei Research & Consulting and actively carry out its mission to contribute to society.

Nursing and welfare business (image)

Mobility & Fleet Management

Initiatives to Reduce Traffic Accidents

Nippon Car Solutions, an automobile leasing company, has obtained the ISO 39001 international traffic safety certification standard to provide customers with a variety of services for their safety and security. The company offers solution services harnessing its certified knowledge such as NCS Drive Doctor, a system which helps prevent accidents and manages driving conditions via visual driving recording and voice guidance. The services of Nippon Car Solutions include traffic safety consulting based on drive date and image analysis and safe driving training provided by a group of expert instructors. Nippon Car Solutions will continue to provide services which help prevent accidents, contributing to the prevention of unsafe driving through the “visualization” of driving and promoting initiatives which reduce traffic accidents and insurance premiums.

On-board camera
NCS Drive Doctor system

Related Services

Responding to Inbound Tourist Demand

Backed by eased visa restrictions, and the expansion of duty-free articles, Japan has seen record numbers of overseas tourists. Nippon Rent-A-Car Service, a rental car company in Japan, is creating an environment which makes it easy for overseas customers to make use of their services. Some of their initiatives include the introduction of multilingual car navigation systems (currently 90% of vehicles with such systems support multiple languages), accepting reservations via an English language website and at overseas reservation centers, and providing support in multiple languages at their locations (via telephone interpretation) and with their accident support service. In preparation for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Nippon Rent-A-Car Service will contribute to society by continuing to offer a variety of services to meet the anticipated increase in demand from inbound overseas visitors.

1 A Nippon Rent-A-Car Rental Office

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Specialty Financing

Renewable Energy Business Initiatives

Through Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, a company established jointly with Kyocera, Tokyo Century Group is engaged in a renewable energy business with solar power generation. Since the company was launched in 2012, Kyocera TCL Solar operated and managed 63 solar power plants across the country generating a total of approximately 215.0 MW by the end of March 2018. The company has also begun engaging in the development not only of ground-based solar power plants but also those making use of distribution facility roofs and on water, such as agricultural reservoirs. Through means such as the Kyocera TCL Solar power plant business and active participation in other renewable energy businesses such as geothermal and wind power, Tokyo Century is contributing to the realization of a society capable of sustainable development.

1 A floating mega-solar power plant in Kasai, Hyogo

Life Cycle Management Initiatives in the Aviation Field

Tokyo Century Group entered the aircraft aftermarket business in December 2012 through the investment in GA Telesis, LLC, a provider of products, services and solution to the commercial aerospace industry in the U.S.. GA Telesis possesses a network in contact with major aircraft companies around the world. In addition to disassembling used aircraft and maintaining and selling engines and other parts, GA Telesis is also developing such business ventures as aircraft maintenance, repair, and heavy maintenance (overhauling); engine leasing, and asset management. By harnessing GA Telesis’ knowhow to take a different approach from other companies and engaging not only in the re-leasing and resale of aircraft but also aircraft disassembly and parts sale, Tokyo Century is developing a total lifecycle business from aircraft introduction to retirement.

©GA Telesis 2015

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International Business

Globalization of Data Erasure Services of IT Equipment and Recycling Services

◆Business Partnership with TES-AMM
In recent years, more Japanese companies are expanding overseas, particularly in Asia, which is expected to see high economic growth. In turn, the implementation of IT governance in the countries they have expanded into, such as computer and server data erasure and appropriate recycling and disposal, has become a significant issue. In response to these needs, Tokyo Century Group has concluded a business partnership to offer leased assets collection and recycling services with a focus on China and ASEAN nations with TES-AMM, a major recycling company specializing in IT which possesses bases in Asia and Oceania.

Work being conducted at TES-AMM

◆IT Equipment Refurbishment Business in North America
In June 2016, CSI Leasing, a major independent leasing company based in the U.S. with a network spanning over 30 countries worldwide and specializing in IT equipment, became a consolidated subsidiary of Tokyo Century. CSI Leasing owns EPC, a subsidiary which boasts prominent achievements in the U.S. in the field of IT equipment refurbishment. EPC engages in a unique refurbishment business style, including offering a travelling data erasure service and hard disk destruction service using Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle truck developed in-house. In recent years, the U.S. has also seen an increasing number of initiatives for dealing with environmental conservation issues regarding waste reduction and recycling, and as society transitions from “ownership” to “use,” leasing needs are anticipated to grow in the future. The U.S. possesses the largest market in the world for IT equipment leasing, and by further improving and promoting compliance-based refurbishing services, Tokyo Century will contribute to the creation of a sustainable economy and society with a global base.

EPC’S Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle truck


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