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3R along with Customers

Through our subsidiary TRY Inc., Tokyo Century Group takes leased computers and other IT equipment upon expiration, deletes any remaining data, and either reuses (resells) them as refurbished computers or dismantles them and recycles them for materials.

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Support for Customers Expanding Overseas

Asian countries and regions such as China are becoming increasingly visible to many Japanese companies as markets experiencing growth. Tokyo Century Group supports clients with overseas business strategies and establishing overseas production bases while taking full advantage of leasing and general finance knowhow cultivated through our domestic businesses and a meticulously developed network which extends to countries around the world. Our network of overseas locations has grown year by year; today Tokyo Century is expanding its business in 37 countries and regions.

Recent Initiatives

IT Governance Initiatives on a Global Base

As companies are required high level of corporate governance, the importance of IT asset management and the appropriate disposal of those assets is growing. As more domestic companies expand overseas, IT governance that meets the standards of the countries they are expanding into has become a challenge. Tokyo Century is offering services on a global base identical to those offered domestically in Japan in order to meet the needs of such clients.

In December 2011, Tokyo Century Group established a system for the collection, recycling, and disposal of IT equipment in compliance with the rules of various countries through a business partnership with the Singapore-based TES-AMM Group, a major IT recycling specialist with locations in over 20 countries worldwide. In addition, in June 2013, we made our ProPlus for C-x cloud-based asset accounting service multilingual (supporting English and Chinese), making it possible for the staff of our clients’ local subsidiaries overseas to enter data and manage assets in the same way as their head office in Japan. Tokyo Century Group will continue to support our clients expanding overseas in all aspects.


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