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In order to create an environmentally-sound, sustainable economy and society, Tokyo Century Group maintains an accurate awareness of the costs and effects of its environmental conservation activities through environmental performance reports and environmental accounting and also promotes environmental management.

Environmental Performance Report

Based on its Basic Environmental Policy, Tokyo Century Group has adopted an ISO14001-compliant environmental management system for reducing its impact on the environment. While calculating and continually monitoring our annual CO2 emissions, we are promoting environmental management. (The following statistics are the data points managed through Tokyo Century Group’s environmental management system.)

Environmental Performance Report

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Priority Environmental Objective Item (unit) FY2017 Target FY2017 Result Achievement FY2018 Target Medium-Term Target
March 2020
Address Climate Change Environmental
through office activities
Reduce use of electricity
(Contribute to reducing
CO2 emissions)
Electricity used (kWh) FY target or below 2,000,000 1,830,539
1,950,000 1,950,000
CO2 emitted
FY target or below 1,158 1,075
1,145 1,145
Reduce use of paper*
(Contribute to preserving
forest resources)
Office-use paper (thousands of sheets) FY target or below 17,700 16,144 17,000 -
Reduce fuel consumption
(Contribute to improving
fuel efficiency and
reducing CO2 emissions)
Fuel consumed (L) FY target or below 110,000 80,406
100,000 -
Fuel efficiency (km/L) FY Target or above 13.5 13.8
13.5 -
CO2 emitted
FY target or below 256 191
232 -
through operating
Reduce CO2 emissions
through solar power
generation business of
Kyocera TCL Solar LLC
(Promote renewable
energy business)
Annual electricity
generated (MWh)
FY Target or above 139,200 149,681 277,000 355,500
Annual reduction in
CO2(t) (comparison with conventional
thermal power
FY Target or above 43,778 47,075 87,116 111,804
Promote refurbishing
(Contribute to creating
an environmentally-sound,
sustainable economy and
Annual pre-owned PCs sold (units) FY Target or above 200,000 291,003 200,000 200,000

*Number of sheets purchased is converted into A4 equivalent sheets multiplied by 2 for A3 , 0.75 for B5 , and 1.5 for B4 .

Total electricity used for fiscal 2017 including our group companies within the scope of our environmental management system, and our major affiliated companies in Japan, which manage the related data, came to 3,139,660 kWh, with CO2 emissions of 1,843 tons.
Tokyo Century Group also complies with relevant laws and ordinances and strives to manage and dispose of waste properly. (The Group produces no liquid wastes other than common wastewater. The Group periodically checks Freon gas recovery processes and management and currently has no Freon gas in storage. [As of March 31, 2018])
The Group also incurs no costs due to fines or punishments concerning environmental matters.

Long-Term Initiatives <Intensity Target>

Environmental Target Item (unit) Long-Term Target FY2016 Result FY2017 Result
Reduce use of electricity Electricity used (kWh) <Intensity target>
Reduce annual electricity use per unit of head office floor space by 20%, or 73.18kWh/㎡ or below as of FY2030 compared to FY2009 (91.48kWh/㎡)
Reduced by 21.0% compared to FY2009
Reduced by 21.1% compared to FY2009
CO2 emitted (t-CO2) <Intensity target>
Reduce annual CO2 emissions (t-CO2) generated by annual electricity use per unit of head office floor space by 20%, or 0.043t-CO2/㎡ or below as of FY2030 compared to FY2009 (0.054t-CO2/㎡)
Reduced by 22.2% compared to FY2009
Reduced by 22.2% compared to FY2009

Note: Tokyo Century Corporation participates in the Japan Leasing Association’s plan for achieving a low carbon society in the leasing industry and has set long-term targets accordingly.

Environmental Accounting

Tokyo Century Corporation uses environmental accounting to accurately assess the impact of environmental protection costs on its business activities and make its environmental management more efficient and effective. (The following statistics apply to Tokyo Century Corporation only.)

Environmental Accounting (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018)

Category Type of Initiative Environmental Protection Costs (Millions of yen) Environmental Protection Effects (reduced annual CO2 emissions) (t-CO2)
(1) Costs within our business areas 40 4
Pollution control costs and Energy savings costs Switching sales fleet to low-emission cars (1) (1)
Upgrading network equipment (39) (3)

(2) Upstream/ downstream costs

Waste treatment 13 -

(3) Management costs

ISO14001 certification maintenance/ management Management office operation and environmental CSR operations 5 -
<Total (1)+(2)+(3)> 58 4


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