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Tokyo Century Corporation has drawn up following Work Style Reform Action Plan in March 30, 2018. Through the plan, Tokyo Century will promote employees’ physical and mental health and higher productivity that allow individual employee to work in a diverse, flexible work style to accelerate the business and growth of the company.

1.Reduction of Long Working Hours

KPI (Numerical target and time limit)

  • Maintain average monthly overtime work hours below 10 hours

Action Plan

  • Control employees work hours strictly through management of prior application and approval for overtime work, in order to raise employees’ awareness of time management to make the most of their time to achieve maximum output
  • Encourage employees to leave the company basically on time in summer (July and August), in order to promote their self-development and physical and mental health

2.Promoting to Take Annual Leave

KPI (Numerical target and time limit)

  • Maintain the percentage of annual leave taken over 70%

Action Plan

  • Encourage employees to take annual leave, including consecutive leaves for summer holiday, for the year-end and new-year holiday and before and after weekends or national holidays
  • Encourage employees to take hourly paid leave
  • Utilize internal annual leave calendar to allow employees to schedule and take annual leave from earlier period of each fiscal year

3.Promoting Flexible Work Style

KPI (Numerical target and time limit)

  • Increase the percentage of childcare leave taken by men to 100% by March 31, 2023
  • Achieve a nursing care turnover rate of zero by March 31, 2023

Action Plan

  • Promote taking childcare leave to male employees and their superiors, and introduce male employees who have taken childcare leave along with their superiors in internal magazine and others
  • Provide nursing care handbook on the Intranet and conduct trainings to cultivate understanding of nursing care in order to support employees to continue working by balance work and nursing care

Work Style Reform Action Plan is also provided on the Japan Business Federation's website.(Japanese only)


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