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Tokyo Century has been selected as a FY2016 “Nadeshiko Brand”, which is taken as an initiative by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) jointly with the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

The Nadeshiko Brand initiative was inaugurated in FY2012, to introduce listed enterprises that are excellent in view of encouraging the empowerment of women as attractive enterprises for securities investors, who lay weight on improving corporate value in the mid- and long-term. This also aims to promote investment in these enterprises and accelerate their efforts to support women’s career development in the workplace. In the Nadeshiko Brand initiative, enterprises which responded to the Survey on Enterprises Encouraging Women's Success in the Workplace firstly selected according to the scoring criteria for measuring the empowerment of women and then be screened based on candidate enterprises’ financial indices or return on equity (ROE), before determining successful enterprises.

Tokyo Century is taking a variety of initiatives such as hiring, development and appointment of women workers as well as enhancing support for balancing work and private life while we promote diversity as part of our management policy. We make clear objectives and targets through defining numerical criteria in an effort to develop women’s active participation in the workplace and work-life balance. In addition, we actively disclose information on our website, including our Basic Diversity Policy, action plan based on The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, actual numerical results related to women’s active participation and details of diversity initiatives.

Following this selection, as defined in our management policy, Tokyo Century is committed to cultivate a corporate culture that allows diverse human resources to fully demonstrate their skills and personalities, and we will build a company where all officers and employees can hone their expertise and experience growth as well as a sense of pride.

Selected as a Nadeshiko Brand


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