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Tokyo Century believes that personnel are the real assets and driving force for sustainable growth in a company. In order to encourage each and every employee to demonstrate their abilities and individuality, we support voluntary career and ability development and conduct a total of 15,000 hours of training annually.

Training for Young Employees by Year of Employment

Positioning daily, on-the-job training as foundation of our human resources development, Tokyo Century also conducts annual training for employees for the first nine years with the goal of systematically giving workers the knowledge and skills needed for their jobs.

Managerial Training

Tokyo Century conducts training for managers with the goal of defining the duties, knowledge, and skills demanded of managerial employees; improving the management abilities essential to the cultivation and application of human resources; and to ensure managers engage in fair and impartial evaluations as evaluators.

Career Design Training

Tokyo Century conducts career design training by generation with the goal of cultivating independent personnel with the motivation to grow and develop their own careers and who will turn their motivation into action.

Sales Ability Development Training

Tokyo Century conducts sales ability development training with the goal of improving sales skills, employee understanding of products and services, and the abilities needed to make credit decisions in order to cultivate sales staff able to meet the needs of our customers at a high level.

Global Human Resource Cultivation

In order to cultivate human resources able to flourish on a global stage, Tokyo Century holds in-house language classes, sends employees to external language schools, and dispatches employees for training at local subsidiaries overseas.

Support for Ability Development

Tokyo Century aids employee learning through a bonus system for employees who have completed distance learning courses and a subsidy system for employees who have obtained qualifications relevant to their work.


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