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Tokyo Century Group offers a variety of services that suit to the entire lifecycle of a product from installation to disposal cultivated through our leasing business, as well as “solution-oriented financing,” a type of financing only possible by a leasing company.

Contribution to the Creation of a Sustainable Economy and Society

Leasing is an option for a company when to make a capital investment. A leasing company purchases needed equipment instead of the customer and lease it so that the customer can increase business efficiency by outsourcing asset management.
With leasing business as its core, Tokyo Century Group has grown together with the diversifying needs of its clients. Tokyo Century Group is contributing to the creation of a sustainable economy and society through the implementation of reselling and recycling of leased assets upon expiration.

Contribution to the Creation of a Sustainable Economy and Society

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Thorough Implementation of the 3Rs

Through our subsidiary TRY Inc., Tokyo Century Group takes leased computers and other IT equipment upon expiration, deletes any remaining data, and either reuses (resells) them as refurbished computers or dismantles them and recycles them for materials.

Computer refurbishing/recycling process

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Tokyo Century’s Initiatives leveraging the Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM) and others

Tokyo Century participates “2017 Global Warming Prevention Symposium”, held by MOEJ jointly with GEC
Tokyo Century participates “Seminar on the JCM Implementation in Thailand”

Tokyo Century Group is committed to accelerating its initiatives of high social significance in its business strategy, including greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and energy self-sufficiency improvements by leveraging JCM and others in ASEAN countries through its extensive overseas network, and finance and services capabilities.

Tokyo Century Corporation’s five projects with six partners as below have been selected for Financing Programme for the Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM) Model Projects in FY2017 and FY2018 offered by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ) and the Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) which has been soliciting project proposals as a secretariat.

● Introduction of 1.53MW Rooftop Solar Power System in Auto Parts Factories (Phillipines)
● Introduction of Absorption Chiller to Chemical Factory (Indonesia)
● Installation of 1.2MW Rooftop Solar Power System in Refrigerating Warehouse (Philippines)
●25MW Rooftop and Floating Solar Power Project in Industrial Park (Thailand )
●Introduction of High Efficiency Injection Molding Machine to Plastic Parts Factory (Indonesia)

Tokyo Century is currently an only Japanese financial services company which undertakes JCM model project as a representative participant. Tokyo Century’s overseas local subsidiaries fund these projects’ operations respectively.


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