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Our Basic CSR Philosophy

Tokyo Century Group aims to conduct our business activities so as to earn the trust of all our stakeholders: our customers and business partners, our shareholders and investors, along with local communities and our employees. To carry out our corporate social responsibilities, we endeavor to strengthen our governance, and we put CSR-oriented management into practice with a focus on environmental conservation, social contributions, compliance, risk management and information security.

Management Philosophy

Tokyo Century Group will work alongside customers in pursuit of their growth as a highly specialized and unique financial services company and will contribute to the creation of an environmentally-sound, sustainable economy and society.

Management Policy

  • We will provide the best products and services around the world to contribute to the success of our customers’ businesses while pursuing all possibilities by collaborating with customers and uniting the overall strengths of the Group.
  • We will strive to raise our corporate value over the mid to long term by pioneering new business fields and realizing sustainable growth.
  • We will cultivate a corporate culture that allows diverse human resources to fully demonstrate their skills and personalities, and we will build a company where all officers and employees can hone their expertise and experience growth as well as a sense of pride.
  • We will always be mindful of our social responsibility as a corporation and will conduct our business activities with vigor and sincerity as we fulfill our role of creating a sustainable economy and society.

Corporate Code of Conduct

1. Dedication to Customers

Tokyo Century Group is dedicated to the success of its customers’ businesses by accurately responding to their needs with quality products and services and thereby forging a solid relationship of trust.

2. Sound and Fair Corporate Activities

Tokyo Century Group engages in sound and fair corporate activities by complying with all laws, regulations, and rules and conforming to social norms.

3. Corporate Responsibility and Contribution to Society

Tokyo Century Group seeks to fulfill its social responsibilities through honest business management and contributes to society by meeting public expectations as an upstanding corporate citizen.

4. Respect for Human Rights

Tokyo Century Group respects the human rights of all people and promotes diversity to nurture a corporate culture that encourages personnel with diverse characteristics to thrive.

5. Preservation of the Environment

Tokyo Century Group seeks to preserve the environment in all areas of its business activities by endeavoring to create an environmentally-sound, sustainable economy and society.

6. Response to Global Standards

Tokyo Century Group acts from a global perspective that is highly transparent and sincere, by respecting the cultures and customs and complying with the laws, regulations, and relevant systems of the countries and regions in which it operates.

Our Action Guidelines

1. We will continue creating solutions that earn customer trust and recognition

We will strive to resolve the issues faced by our customers by harnessing our high level of expertise and foresight to provide optimal products and services that earn their trust and recognition.

2. We will act in compliance with laws and regulations and in accordance with our social conscience

We will comply with laws and regulations to conduct fair and proper business activities, and we will act on our own initiative in accordance with our social conscience as dignified individuals. We will distinguish between the Company’s interests and our individual interests and will strictly refrain from actions that impair the interests of the Company.

3. We will respect human rights and human dignity and create a rewarding working environment

We will respect our mutual human rights and human dignity and strive to create a vibrant, rewarding working environment where discrimination and harassment have no place.

4. We will stringently manage personal information and customer information

We will stringently manage the personal information and customer information we obtain through our operations to prevent leakage outside the Company and use for unintended purposes.

5. We will pursue activities to preserve the environment

We will maintain a high awareness of environmental issues and actively work to preserve the environment, which includes actions to prevent global warming and promote energy conservation.

6. We will avoid contact with antisocial forces and criminal organizations

We will act decisively to avoid any contact with antisocial forces that obstruct the course of social order and safety or with criminal organizations inside or outside Japan that hamper legitimate economic activity.


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