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Specialty Financing

Unlocking the Future Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, President, Specialty Finance Business Development Unit Mahoko Hara

Serving as a Hub in a Connected Society

In the Specialty Financing segment, we are expanding by creating new businesses through co-creation with prime partners and developing highly specialized human resources based on our high level of expertise in each product and the Group’s comprehensive strengths.

Our business environment is undergoing major change, including due to the protracted COVID-19 pandemic and the prolonged Russia-Ukraine war, the global economy, and the response to climate change issues.

In order to achieve sustainable growth while maintaining our strengths in this segment, we are focusing on asset life cycle management and realizing a value chain that covers a wide range of activities from product development to operation, recycling, and resale. As we possess the required product management and financial capabilities for life cycle management, we intend to expand our business domain by playing a variety of roles, such as a company that operates the products themselves, and one that provides its financial expertise in projects.

A connected society is expected to be realized in the near future, linking everything from real estate, automobiles, and railroads to ship and aircraft parts. Tokyo Century will serve as a hub in such a society and work with partners to promote business growth by integrating functions in telecommunications, data, infrastructure, asset management, and finance.

New Investments and Business Participation in ESG and the SDGs, and Progress in Major Real Estate Projects

In fiscal 2022, the Specialty Financing segment achieved remarkable progress in its real estate and principal investment businesses.

In May 2022, we invested in PowerX, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of electric carriers, storage batteries, and other products that are attracting attention for promoting and expanding offshore wind power generation. We will pursue business synergies with PowerX, which envisions a storage battery platform business and an electric carrier business to contribute to our goal of creating an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society.

In the real estate business, we announced that Dorchester Collection, one of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands, has been selected to manage the hotel in the TOKYO TORCH district, which is under development with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. We will work with our partners to create a new and appealing Tokyo and Japan.

In the principal investment business, we, together with Advantage Partners (AP) Inc., jointly invested in Energywith Co., Ltd. (EW) in December 2021 and are actively generating synergies with our existing businesses. Through investment in EW, we are contributing to the development of social infrastructure and the creation of an environmentally sound, sustainable economy and society. Both Tokyo Century and AP will continue sourcing large corporate carve-outs and business succession projects, as well as projects that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by resolving social issues. We will also focus on projects targeting joint investments with customers and partners in order to further develop our principal investment business.

*The Environmental Infrastructure segment was newly established, independent from the Specialty Financing segment, as of April 1, 2023, to further expand the environment and energy-related business.

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