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International Business

Building a Thoroughly Differentiated Business with Alliance Partners and Leveraging Our Unrivaled Global Network Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, President, International Business Development Unit Toshio Kitamura

Sustainable Growth through the Promotion of Differentiation Leveraging Alliance Strategies and the Strengthening of Field Capabilities

The International Business segment has strengths in areas such as IT, mobility, and the environment, as well as the promotion of alliance strategies with partner companies. In addition, we conduct business in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. By developing these strengths and focusing on growth businesses and niche areas, we will differentiate our business and aim to achieve sustainable growth while strengthening the field capabilities of our local subsidiaries through the creation of highly engaged workplaces.

CSI Leasing, Inc. (CSI), which is based in the United States and provides IT equipment operating leasing and IT asset disposition (ITAD)*1 services in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and other countries and regions, is further expanding its network. This network expansion will allow CSI to better address the needs of multinational companies while also enabling it to solidify its earnings foundation by accelerating synergies through intra-Group coordination with existing overseas subsidiaries.

Meanwhile, we are moving ahead with joint data center projects with the NTT Group and also advancing a diverse range of other businesses through the provision of managed services for IT assets, fair market value (FMV) leasing*2 and ITAD services that capitalize on Tokyo Century’s strengths.

In addition, we are developing strong alliances with business partners such as Japanese companies and prime local companies in markets around the world. The strengths of these various partners will be combined in the pursuit of new business value going forward.

Tokyo Century excels in areas such as Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) projects*3 and ITAD operations, which significantly contribute to the accomplishment of the SDGs. The advancement and expansion of such activities is thus expected to help resolve social issues and keep our business on a growth track.

CSI and Other Existing Businesses Are Making Good Progress. New US-Finance Joint Venture Established

The International Business segment focuses on the aforementioned strengths and expands the business performance by thoroughly differentiating its business. In fiscal 2022, CSI expanded its operating bases and ITAD service facilities around the world. In the United States, CSI established a finance joint venture for construction machinery through an alliance with partner companies, and also worked to strengthen its dealer function. The data center business we are working on with the NTT Group in Mumbai, India, is also progressing well.

CSI is expanding its business area with a focus on Europe and Asia. After establishing a Japanese base and extending to Norway in 2021, CSI developed its business to Taiwan, Thailand, Sweden, and Denmark in 2022 and acquired a German ITAD company. Going forward, CSI seeks to expand its ITAD service network and plans to extend its operations into various areas.

In the United States, Tokyo Century has integrated Work Truck Direct, Inc., a dealer that sells small and medium-sized trucks, arbor equipment and vehicles, and small construction equipment, with Fiber Marketing International, Inc., which it acquired in 2021, to enhance our one-stop service for customers from sales to finance. In addition, along with ITOCHU Corporation and the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, the Company has established ZAXIS Financial Services Americas, LLC, a finance joint venture for financing sales of construction machinery in North America, which is scheduled to commence operations in fiscal 2023.

In the data center business in India, which we are working on in collaboration with the NTT Group, our projects are progressing steadily due to the rapid growth of data center demand in the country. We are also making progress in the asset turnover business, including the transfer of some of our shareholdings. In the JCM business, the Company’s projects in Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, for which it applied as a representative participant, were selected in fiscal 2022.

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