Part 1 TRY Corporation Handles Data Erasure Operations for Leased PCs. Let’s Take a Close Look at its Airtight Security System.

Jan 31, 2021

TRY Corporation (TRY) of Tokyo Century Group handles refurbishment of end-of-lease PCs and other IT equipment, centered on data erasure and kitting operations.
In this two-part feature, we explain TRY’s business and security system, which are closely linked with Tokyo Century’s 3R initiative, and we take a close look at its main refurbishing operations.

Refurbishment and Kitting, TRY’s Two Major Businesses

TRY Corporation, a member of Tokyo Century Group, engages in data erasure services for end-of-lease PCs and servers. TRY is among the top businesses in Japan in terms of the number of units handled, processing over 200,000 units a year at a data erasure center within the GLP Zama, an advanced large-scale logistics facility in Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

TRY operates two main businesses. The first is refurbishment, which involves erasing data stored in end-of-lease IT equipment for reshipment. The second is kitting, which involves software installation and initial configuration before leasing to customers, thus adding value to assets prior to shipment.

Kitting takes place at the entry point of a leasing agreement, while refurbishment is associated with exiting from it.

TRY is characterized by its life cycle management (LCM) of IT equipment, which entails handling the entire process from leasing operation entry to exit. The concept of LCM was established in the early years of this century as laws were enacted for the protection of personal information. TRY has been developing its business to realize a sustainable society long before the SDGs emerged as a popular topic.

Building an Airtight Security System Focused on Five Elements

The 17 SDGs adopted at a United Nations summit include a goal to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Today, amid the heightened social importance of data management, TRY believes that protecting customer information against breaches and leakage is an SDG initiative in a broad sense.

Daily operations at TRY’s data erasure center are conducted under an airtight security system with a focus on the following five elements.

1. Stringent entrance and exit controls

Security guards are stationed at the center 24-hours a day, year round. They are positioned at the loading dock to strictly oversee movement into and out of the facility. IC cards are used to control the entry and exit of personnel. A high-performance walk-through metal detector at the work area entrance prevents hazardous objects from being brought in and work items in the area from being taken out.

2. More than 60 security cameras

More than 60 security cameras have been installed within a total floor area of approximately 8,000 square meters. All the video feeds from the cameras are displayed on four LCD monitors in a separate room, and entry/exit incidents can be reviewed at any time using a monitoring system with audio alerts. This closely checks for spot trespassers and prevents any information leaks with a thorough system of surveillance.

3. Recording product management information

Every work item is monitored by ID number and barcode to prevent misidentification or loss. The numbers are registered in an in-house system, and information is accurately recorded from storage to shipment.

4. Human error prevention

The center is clearly divided into areas according to task, such as separate areas for kitting and data erasure. Human error is prevented by using foldable color-coded containers, which makes it easy to know the status of each item, as well as locked cargo to protect work items from being lost.

5. ISO 27001 certification acquisition

TRY has acquired ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for information security management systems. The system periodically undergoes external audits to maintain strict security. Internal training is regularly conducted to raise staff awareness of security.

Reason Behind TRY’s Commitment to a Thorough Security System

In 2020, the volume of IT equipment received at the center fell slightly compared to typical years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, TRY used this period to develop an internal system that allows each staff member to handle tasks other than their own. We raised the operational skills of the entire staff by switching from a division of labor to multitasking.

TRY is striving, through both infrastructure and human aspects, to realize an airtight security system to prevent any leakage of customer information as well as to provide a safe, secure working environment for employees. As long as video footage from security cameras and work data are recorded in the system, problems can be investigated on demand, which ultimately fosters a sense of security among staff and enhances the quality of their work.

Building such an airtight security system allows TRY to provide quality refurbishing services for its customers. In Part 2, we provide an in-depth explanation of TRY’s main business of refurbishing.

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