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"Solutions to your Pursuits" is Tokyo Century's corporate slogan.
Under the slogan, everyone in the Tokyo Century Group works in support of our customers and corporate partners as they pursue solutions to social issues.
Tokyo Century has continued to evolve into an enterprise where all its employees can overcome challenges independently.

Looking back over the past ten years, it has advanced from its initial Equipment Leasing business to expand its "Finance × Services × Business Expertise" model, which is focused on collaborating with corporate partners in Japan and overseas, and we will continue to move forward into an expanding array of domains.
Since leasing and financing generally play supportive roles behind the scenes, people are often surprised by the actual extent of Tokyo Century's operations.

We want more people to understand all about Tokyo Century. Our activities might even awaken the spirit of challenge in others, and this is why we created Tokyo Century News.

Even though the way forward is unclear at present, we are certain many people remain ready, every day, to take on new challenges.
And through the stories we share, we hope to help strengthen those taking action on various challenges of their own.

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